View Full Version : Critical Game Freeze FFXV.

28th Mar 2017, 06:39
Details: After the Adamantoise fight and turning in the hunt the game freezes on the hunt complete screen, I can only move the camera and that's it. My only assumption as to why or how this is happening is due to being only one point away from hunter level 10 and as soon as it puts that one point in and gets to level 10 (Hand of Mercy) it stays at 4 stars with 0/0

1. Turning in the hunt
2. Points go towards leveling to 10 (Hand of Mercy)
3. Game freezes on hunt complete and can only move the camera

Date & Time: approximately (CST) 1:00 AM

Frequency: Every time I turn in the hunt no matter where I turn it in.

Platform: PS4 Pro and Normal PS4

Screenshot of the freeze: http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l612/kiio2000/PS_Messages_20170328_0131131_zpsdqej2px5.jpg