View Full Version : Major bug rescue Johna mission

26th Mar 2017, 19:18

I've encountered a really serious bug and I can't go further. During the rescue Jonah mission after the attack helicopter the door at the end does not open up. After various tries and back up saves the bug continues to exist. The missiom goal marker also misses when hitting survival mode.

1st Apr 2017, 08:35
Did you do a reload checkpoint? usually it works,i have an xbox one version and never had any problems

8th May 2017, 07:56
are you where the mission is in the room with ice and holes int he ice and that where you pop up and kill the enimies if so thats where i am stuck i killed the enimies and went to camp fire and now i cant move forwarded in game i have done backup and checkpoint reloads playing on ps4