View Full Version : Square should port FF X to the 3DS

22nd Mar 2017, 03:13
Am I the only one who thinks that FF X and the Nintendo 3DS are a match made in heaven? (I ship that.)

I've only had my New Nintendo 3DS XL unit since May. After two months of use, I thought about what Final Fantasy X in 3D would be like. I played on my PS2 the other day (never had a PS3/4) and I thought, "I have to play this at home only?"

There's already a Vita version of X-X2 HD, I know I know. But the 3DS did better than your Vita and is continuing to do so. Since then, the HD version's only been on that, and PCs and PlayStations, which aren't the most portable. I haven't played X-2 yet, but I think that a ported PS2 version both games would present themselves very well on the New 3DS. If Square does end up doing this, it'd be wise to make it New-exclusive (unplayable on old 3DS/XLs) to maximize available console power. Xenoblade Chronicles was ported from Wii to 3DS, so it's definitely within the 3DS's capability to play!