View Full Version : For the devs of Nier Automata: fixes needed for this to be a truly good PC port

22nd Mar 2017, 00:08
Dear developers, please take the following fixes into consideration:

Graphical issues:

- fix freezing, white screens and crashes
- reencode the cutscenes at 60 fps and at least in h264 format
- fix the fullscreen bug
- provide a windowed fullscreen option
- provide a triple buffering checkbox
- rename the anti-aliasing option to MSAA (multi-sample anti-aliasing)
- provide a warning that MSAA adversely affects performance
- remove MSAA from the “high” graphics preset (set it to 0)
- provide a separate option for post-process AA that is activated when AO (ambient occlusion) is enabled
- provide a slider for LOD, clutter and foliage draw distances

Control issues:

Either completely remove keyboard and mouse support from the game


Fix the following:

- provide real mouselook during 3rd person game segments (so your mouse movement equates in a 1:1 ratio to your camera on screen, like in every other game - don’t try to emulate deadzones and analogue stick drifting like a controller has)
- enable smooth 360-degree mouse control during top-down and side-scrolling sections (and not only the choppy 8 sides currently)
- enable us to look down with the mouse during 3rd person sections
- provide a raw mouse input option
- enable us to rebind mouse buttons
- provide a separate key/function for dodging

With these fixes, the game would be truly marvelous on PC. We have faith in you and are eagerly awaiting the chance to play this masterful game.

5th Sep 2017, 21:17
Almost 6 months later and nothing has been fixed except the white screen crashes, which was done by Nvidia/AMD.

Fullscreen resolution is still wrong and pre-rendered cutscenes (of which most probably wouldn't have needed to be pre-rendered in the first place) still run nowhere near the laughable 30 FPS while also having the video/audio desync.

How can you leave the game in such a state? This is how you want to pass it down to future generations?
Just shows that you have zero respect for the things you sell us.

8th Sep 2017, 14:50
Hello Moderator who has to approve this post.
Shall I write my last post again? Surely something went wrong and you never received it. Otherwise my criticism for not patching fundamental issues with your game after 6 months would have already been made public.

19th Sep 2017, 14:52
There is nothing wrong with this port.