View Full Version : NieR: Atomata Mouse and Keyboard controls issues that must be fixed.

21st Mar 2017, 22:04
Sorry for posting about this in General Discussions but there's no threads for NieR: Automata ATM.

So, aside for various performance issues for some people the major problem for a PC port - bad Mouse and Keyboard controls.

#1 - sorely needed a separate key for "Evade".
It's only way of staying out of harms way (aside for just staying far away from the fight) and powerful combo when executed perfectly, which is not impossible but uncomfortably much harder to execute with double tapping movement keys.
To make current situation even worse - you need to double tap movement key, while already moving, otherwise character performs weird flinge instead of dodge.

#2 - croshairs/reticle for all the "top down"/"from the side" sections that will force character/drone look/aim it's way at all times - another thing that simply must be implemented. (3rd person "over the shoulder" view aiming is fine)
Right now game treats mouse movement as controller stick in those sections and you have to keep moving the mouse in order to make character look in needed direction and slightest move in any other direction will make character aim elsewhere, which again makes gameplay so much less pleasant.
Just look at any top down indie shooter, like "Hotline Miami" or "Enter the Gungeon" - that should give you a good idea how it should look and work.

#3(optional, since you can just use scripts for majority such devices) - addition 5+ key mouse support would've been nice.

Game is NieRly perfect otherwise :D
Thanks in advance.