View Full Version : I feel so tricked (Nier Automata)

17th Mar 2017, 11:09
OMG I can't even begin with my dissapointment.
So Nier Automata was supposed to be released today in the EU. I was so excited to wake up early and grab a copy of the game at the store. So I had breakfast, showered, put my good clothes on and went to the store about 10 minutes away. It was a great feeling to see the game on the shelves and having it in my hand for the first time.
As most millenials I never bought a physical copy of a PC game since my internet is fast enough and Steam is just one click away. But I was so sold when I saw the trailer, and I wanted to play it fast, and thought manual install would be faster. So while gladly paying €59 at the counter, I realized my desktop doesnt have an optical drive. So I went back and got myself a €30 Asus external drive that I never would've need AT ALL , which I realized just now, as I came home, that the game does not unlock until 4 PM GMT ( probably catering to the US audiences, like always )
SO it's 11 pm now and I could've just woke up, log in to steam and pre-load the digital copy, which takes just as long as my trip to the store ( 1,5 hour!!!)
So my question is : why, square enix?
Might as well release the game on the 18th of March if you're just gonna wait half a day before you unlock it. ***** time zones right?
Square is obviously catering to the US audiences since the unlock time is at 9 in the MORNING. Even Asian audiences aren't getting a chance to play at the release date. AFAIK Nier isn't available on SEA steam store.

ASide from that maybe it's a bit petty of me to rant because of the release time, but I feel a bit tricked as to how they advertised the release date. I mean, they could've just do a seperate release for EU audiences...

What a way to cater to your fans, square. So dissapointed of you...