View Full Version : XboX one S..... FFXV What a waste.

17th Mar 2017, 05:23
Im not wasting my money because i already have. XBOX ONE S FFXV versions looks like crap. depth of field full screen except for things within 2 feet of you and then you still have DoF on yourself. Camera sucks! OMG Even with the "fix" to the camera its still crap. Instead of moving left and right with the left stick how bout that also pans the camera left and right so you can see wtf is going on! Love the crap for hair... OMG it looks so bad.... I would be embarrassed to even have my name in those credits. Objects that have corners or fences constant blinking white spots and lines..... And if you think it looks like crap standing still..... wait till you move! Trees and grass begin to shake all over like monitor timing is off.... but its not! How bout give me control over controller layout like normal games on the market? Hell even Indie games offer custom button layouts. Disappointed!!!!!!!!!!