View Full Version : Industrial Qrt. - 85% - Help!

Omega One
19th Nov 2002, 22:55
I'm stuck!


I'm in the room underneath some stairs with train tracks.

I use 'Charm' to posses people, the first one opens the blockade from the 'furnace with an elevator'... then I'm in a small room, with a lever that changes the direction of another elevator.

I go through that, use Charm once again, but this time the three levers that I push only one works (I think it starts the trains).

The other two just go back up after I've pushed them... help me, please, before I through my PS2 out the window? :mad:

Thanks in advance.

Omega One
20th Nov 2002, 01:04
Its ok! I found out how to do it!

Can't quite remember how either!

20th Nov 2002, 10:25
I like your sig, Omega One. Nice to see a new one around here. http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/grinser/grinser003.gif :D

Omega One
20th Nov 2002, 21:39
Ta very much :)

Now, I just need a new window....

Wise Man Domingo
18th Dec 2002, 17:25
There are two metal circles (one on the track, the other off the track, both movable), resembling targets. These halt the train. There is also a device which shoots a flame downward, near one of these. Push the one that is ON the track OFF of the track and the other one (it is off of the track) ON to the track, and start the train. Then, sit back and watch the fireworks (And the sudden appearance of a hole in the wall, and a tunnel)

Am I thinking of the correct place? I'm pretty sure I am.