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19th Nov 2002, 21:40
It is with a very heavy heart I regret to announce that in early 2003 TRClothes will be shut down - and at this stage, this looks like an indefinite motion. After recent troubles concerning the server, I have been made aware that the encyclopedia, (TRClothes server) along with its other affiliates will be removed, and the account to be terminated.

There have so far been no bids to save the site or its content so I can only say that this looks like the end of the road for TRClothes.

I want to express on behalf of all the design team our thanks for the support and encouragement we have received in the on-coming two years the site has managed to survive.

If there is anybody who wishes to save the site and would not mind hosting for me, I would be eternally grateful. The site has had a rough ride and it looks as if the road ahead lies even bumpier.

Any further developments will be announced in the very near future but at the moment things are looking very bleak.

19th Nov 2002, 22:03
Never give up. I have lost my site due to servers 5 times already. It's a lot of work getting back up each time, but I put it up because I want it there.

19th Nov 2002, 22:23
Well, Moose, you could always try www.tombraiderheaven.com . I have my site hosted there for free.

Wee Bald Man
19th Nov 2002, 23:05
Hey moose562,

Lighten up my friend. :)

How big is your site? I don't mind hosting it if you like. For security reasons I can't let you have 24 hour FTP access to it but I'm happy to make updates a few times a week.

I'm already hosting several other TR 'jewels' worth saving - so you would be in good company. ;)


Lara Croft Online
20th Nov 2002, 07:36
try http://www.spacepages.com
Don't give up you have a nice site and you've put a lot of work
into it.

20th Nov 2002, 10:44
Hi Moose,
or you could even send a mail to seemeister@laras-levelbase.org and ask for free webspace :).

20th Nov 2002, 11:54
yes, yes all the above suggestions are good!! We don't want to loose you Moose *cries*

20th Nov 2002, 21:17
thanks guys for the support and the really good suggestions. I couldn't really expect somebody else to upload the files for me - the site is quite large!

This couldn't really have come at a worse time. The site had only just started to enjoy a spurt of success in the topsitelists as well as being accepted to the official webring! lol!

sam@tombraiderheaven had offered to help me a while ago but i haven't heard much about it since. i wouldnt mind operating the site from a distance as uni has taken up a lot of my free time, as well as working in my local gift shop!

i was thinking that perhaps somebody might host the site as a mini page or something so i wouldnt have loads of pages to update

i dunno! i have run out of ideas! any ideas are welcome - thankyou

20th Nov 2002, 21:50
Sign up at lil' kid's forums and PM him there. (link in sig)

22nd Nov 2002, 20:51
thanks for the link! i usually catch him on msn some times

21st Dec 2002, 21:06

You said early 2003, but I'm unable to access it now. Is it removed earlier? Or is it just down for a small time?

Anyway, got a place for your outfits already? If the files are not to big, I can host them for you. If you got the files on your pc, remove all unused objects from the wad to make them smaller (normaly all objects other then lara can be removed).