View Full Version : Just Cause 3 SLI support?

3rd Mar 2017, 20:46
There hasn't been any sort of update from the developers pertaining SLI support. What is happening with this game? Are the devs actually going to care enough to add proper SLI support? The game is still 59.99 on Steam and other retailers. If I'm expected to pay $60 for a game that's about a year old the developers should at least put in the effort to support the PC as a valid gaming platform. After a year there's no excuse, especially if they are pricing it at $59.99.:confused:

3rd Mar 2017, 21:17
Using The Witcher 3 SLI bits, the game's intro will run at about 40 FPS. Funny thing, as soon as the game gives you the controls, the game will mislead you into thinking SLI is working just fine. It will continue running at 40 FPS and then suddenly dip down about half that and stay at 20 FPS or so (like the game suddenly disabled SLI).

I imagine no one gets anywhere in Square Enix's empty forums.