View Full Version : im geeting 0x887a0006: dxgi_error_device_hung

2nd Mar 2017, 18:48
please help me ive tried restalling drives and clean install drivers no good on dx 12 any more i just want to play it on dx 12


19th Apr 2017, 07:32
please help me ive tried restalling drives and clean install drivers no good on dx 12 any more i just want to play it on dx 12


Ok so I was having the same error as you. I dont know what part of this fixed it but Ill list it all out, bc I now no longer have this issue at all and my game is like 99% stable now.
First Ill list my system info:
Win 10 Pro
Radeon Software version 17.4.2 with ReLive
i7 4790k (with turboboost enabled)
16Gb DDR3 1800 (Not OC'd)
MSI Gaming 5 Z97 Mainboard
MSI R9 390 (Not OC'd unless you consider its a Factory OC'd 290x)
LG 34" 21:9 connected via DP (Free sync Enabled)
Windows installed on 1TB WD SATA 6
Game installed on separate Samsung Evo SSD

Ok so I did the same as you Latest drivers for everything and clean install for the video drivers beta then back to clean mainstream driver, didnt work. I was still getting that error or the Video scheduler internal error bsod
I was running the game at medium preset setting. With the following display options options:
Fullscreen on
Exlcusive Fullscreen On (tried this after long time of not using it and it helped reduced the frequency of my problems)
Dx12 on ( Itried this on and off but given I have an AMD card performance was better with it on)
2560 x 1080 ( tried it on 1920 x 1080 no difference)
Refresh rate 75 ( tried this at 60Hz as well no effect on problems)
VSync Triple Buffering
Steroscopic 3d Off

Then I disabled the integrated graphics via bios not windows and the BSODs ceased but I wouldstill get game crashes just as often, only difference is it wouldnt reset and I could just relaunch the game.

Still not satisfied I decided to try the beta versions of the game on steam
and switched to v1.9_Build 582.1 it downloaded and installed but it wouldnt read any of my saves, it said they were all corrupted Then I switched to v1.8_Build 565.4 it downloaded and installed but it had same save issue so I didnt test it either. Then I said hell with it Ill go back to stock (NONE - Opt out of betas option) and hope that my saves at least still work, and it downloaded and installed (keep in mind that this was al most 7Gb of downloading total switching between betas and stock - These arent reinstalls its just switching between betas and stock)

Before launching the game I also decided to change the global gpu driver settings Here those changes are:
Anti-Aliasing Mode: Use application settings
Anti-Aliasing Method: Supersampling
Morphological Filtering: Off
Anisotropic Filtering mode: On, Override Application settings
Anisotropic Filtering Level: 2X
Texture Filtering Quality: High
Surface Format Optimization: On
Wait for Vertical Refresh:On unless application specifies
OpenGL Triple Buffering: ON
Shader Cache: AMD Optimized
Tessellation Mode: Use application settings
Power Efficiency: Off
Frame Rate Target control: Off

Deus Ex MD final Display Settings:
Fullscreen: Yes
Exclusive Fullscreen: Yes
Dx12: Yes
Resolution: 2560 x1080
Refresh Rate: 75Hz
Vsync: Triple buffering
Stereoscopic 3D: off

Deus Ex MD final Graphic Option Settings:
Custom Preset
Texture Quality: Medium
Texture Filtering: 4X Anisotropic
Shadow Quality: Medium
Ambient Occlusion:On
Contact Hardening Shadows: Off
Parallax Occlusion Mapping: On
Depth of Field: On
Level of Detail: High
Volumetric Lighting: On
Screenspace Reflections: Off
Temporal Anti-Aliasing: no
Motion Blur: no
Sharpen: no
Bloom: Yes
Lens Flare: Yes
Cloth Physics: Yes
Subsurface Scattering: No
Chromatic Aberration: Yes
Tessellation: No

Now like I said I dont know what caused the stability but my theory is that the game somehow corrupted one of the patched files and by installing the betas and then going back to the stock it reinstalled a good version of the file. And that the changes in my global GPU settings helped as well. Oh and disabling the intel 4600 Integrated Graphics hardware. I posted all this in hopes to help anyone with that problem. Oh and OP you may want to post you system specs in a way that we can actually see them, that file requires permission to view.