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1st Mar 2017, 22:52
A year later and the first of hopefully many seasons is done and has me breaking down my answer into a percentage, which is to say I am 50% satisfied with the current title and 50% disappointed with all that is missing and the overall direction it has taken.

Brass Tacks, everything I believe needs improvement with the game is below and of course everyone has their own opinion and the developers cannot satisfy everyone etc. Whoever truly has the results of the experimentation they did with their new vision of Hitman is up for debate but I can guess how it sold worldwide is a strong indicator.

I know a lot of those on the board have a heard a lot of the same over the past year but as the Season is truly over and the physical copy released I would very much like to hear the opinion of the other players and show support for the devs, particularly those that have been here from the start of the beta release and have taken the journey with the developers.

Elusive Target Mode – Rewards are stale and do not fit the "Hitman Fantasy" concept at all, actually getting paid with currency and being able to purchase weapons and items and whatever clothes you may want would be a much better fit for this mode. Having a slightly different tie is not incentive enough to lure someone back to the game (which is the gimmick) to do the exact same map with exact same routes dialogue etc. to takeout a target who has a briefing video. I don’t feel like a real hitman because I only have a couple days to do the hit, and the only realistic aspect of this mode is that you can only kill them once, but isn’t the entire game based on taking out the same targets on the map over and over and getting unlocks? :scratch: Continue with the ‘Live’ concept during the course of the episodic season that’s fine, some players like it, just change the ‘never to return’ part of the slogan and bring them back at the end of the season in a new format. I don’t speak for all players but I would pay $5 for 10 elusive targets I can replay at my leisure, and the devs can simultaneously maintain the satisfaction of those that missed out ‘live’ by purchasing the disc and for those that played them before can retry them or not or revel in the fact they played them for free already.
Main map targets are always there anyway, make a DLC target Pack with options to include one of the elusive Targets of your choice on the level as an additional challenge and expand the replay value of ALL the maps even more. There were very few elusive targets that changed the map somewhat so it’s basically the same map every time anyway. More options to dispatch them would be welcome also. The idea to have more targets on each map is a good one, so imagine a list of 'Elusive' targets available on the level that you can actually choose to takeout in addition to the main Targets so that you can have a more unique experience each time.
Online platform games change, and as players right now we don’t know where this mode will be in the near future when they decide to stop supporting it, leaving those previously unfamiliar with the franchise but drawn in by the concept hanging. Give us the targets and let us decide how and when we want to do them, don’t force us to come online and play when you want us to play because you believe it feels like being a real hitman and that’s what players want and only that.

Escalations - Scrap escalations & focus on Contracts mode and more creative Mastery ideas such as ‘Technique’ unlocks like pistol whip or Smuggling a weapon in a case of flowers you can open and unleash with T2 style or having a trench coat that can conceal weapons and items, or a rolled up newspaper with a small caliber silenced pistol to shoot someone discreetly in crowded areas instead of having to isolate them all the time. On-site smuggled locations I like but if you cannot conceal it once you retrieve it what’s the point? That’s limiting our options because we have to get a guard outfit to carry it. For those that enjoy escalations I honestly would love to hear why especially with so few maps and lack of gunplay mechanics in this installment and the fact that it already has Contracts mode. You can only do so much on the same map before it gets extremely repetitive so this 'cookie cutter' mode is just an unimaginative content filler eating up time and resources best utilized elsewhere.

Weapons & Gunplay – Needs serious work, it has been clunky and awkward imo from the very start and is by no means an improvement from previous titles and days of shooting your way out of a level whether you messed up or not are long gone. The weapons in previous games were based on real models not uninteresting variations of the present ones in the game and they sounded realistic and were enjoyable to shoot. Sniper rifles in this installment were god awful with terrible scopes with the exception of the final one unlocked in Japan. Customization to weapons needs to return and can be unlocks, so you can make your fav gun your own. I personally believe the devs made gunplay an unviable option on purpose because they designed the unlock system around all the options we have now to assassinate the targets and I don’t see ‘Guns Blazing’ for 5,000 mastery points on the list. Arguments against this saying it’s purely a Stealth game are irrelevant, it is a ‘Hitman’ game not a spy thriller even if it wants to be, and how you as the player wish to achieve your goal should be your option. Besides, hit’s go bad and trying to escape once revealed by shooting your way out should be a gameplay mechanic, its adds tension and realism to the atmosphere of the game and it doesn’t have to be easy but let it be there as an option or a result of failure.

A More Balanced Regular Mode – Pro mode added some nice logical touches such as limited items, illegal items being suspicious, bloodied outfits cannot be worn, more cameras & an improved detection system etc. but some of these could’ve easily been in the regular mode without even the need for an advanced type in the first place, it’s only real function as it stands is to appease the players who know the map like the back of their hand because they’ve played the limited number of maps 100 times over to do the unlocks already or those who were of the opinion that normal is too easy.

Online Functionality – I was not a fan of having to always be connected to servers to play the game properly and that opinion hasn’t changed. In a game where patience, technique, and preparation are so crucial to success of the mission ‘always online’ functionality or whatever you want to call it is not ideal, and any interruption such as having to constantly reload after being kicked to menu, is not only a nuisance but it jars you out of the experience you’re trying to enjoy, something that was never an issue in previous installments and this has been the biggest oversight on their part in this game. However, online connectivity and load times are much improved and they did update the ability to play with your current mastery unlocks offline which is a welcome option, but it’s only worthwhile once you have unlocked everything already online and essentially finished the game as you still cannot achieve the unlocks while not connected. I am not going to pretend I fully understand how game servers function but could they not have it so that once you do CONNECT it can read your offline profile game data and recognize that you did the unlocks and then update them in the mastery tree? Is that really crazy talk? :nut:

Episodic Format – I believe this would have been more of a success in player’s eyes if they delivered more Elusives per month (1 a week) or dropped two maps a month instead of one. Replaying the levels over was always a part of the franchise I enjoyed but that was when I had to actually discover the secrets within the levels and figure out all the assassination methods, and I wouldn’t play the same map over and over certainly not for a month straight and it’s not ideal to build the type of game players leave to play other ones while they wait for new content. I had such terrible connectivity issues during most of the season that I never really played it episodically anyway but I don’t dislike the whole idea and of course this was a major change to the traditional series and an experimental platform to begin with so I think the true merit of this strategy won’t be known until at least the 2nd season has been completed and a full evaluation of both complete seasons can be done.

Sound – The voice acting is amusing but completely detaches your suspension of disbelief when you hear the same exact voice and accent on every level, which really detracts itself from the more serious aspect of the game particularly when one of their selling points is this ‘world of assassination’ in which you trot around the globe and sample the exotic locations of the game and all it has to offer. In truth the sound offers only a cartoonish and jarring experience in the game as you stroll about and enjoy these impressive visuals of the detailed structures and landscapes in the background, only to hear NPC’s with the same American accents in some slap stick humorous conversation, particularly noticeable even more so in contrast to the serious ‘spy thriller’ tone of the cut scenes within the game.
The ambience and overall sound of the game seems to have an echo effect even when in outside areas.
The gunshots sound hollow and unrealistic, and quite frankly I really don’t enjoy shooting at all in this game and I only use the silenced ones available.

Limited Locations – The grand design in these levels is amazing and even overwhelming at times, but I just couldn’t accept the lack of maps in this game despite their size and detail, it was such a letdown from a franchise that delivered so much more in previous installments. Besides who said bigger was better anyway in this franchise, it was never an open world game and it definitely still isn’t now even with the larger maps with all the interactions within them that we hope get utilized in future Elusive Contracts. A bigger playground is fine but focus devoted to 1 big map like a combination of Italy and Marrakesh, perhaps designing more than usual Elusives on them to get the most out of the map, would’ve allowed smaller but much more levels such as Hokkaido to be designed and this would give us more content per month and a bigger ‘World of Assassination’.

Why Isn’t that in the Game like the others AARRRGHH – This is something all Hitman players can relate to while playing this game who have known the franchise from the beginning. The Hitman games always improved when another would release, fixing the alert system or adding new game mechanics like pistol whip and human shield, increasing sneak speed etc. This one adds some very nice new abilities like throwing weapon’s, close combat, blend environment spots, BUT stripped some very popular and traditional moves and items I won’t even list due to it being too long and aggravating for me to do so. They wanted to do something new with this game and seemingly their intentions were to broaden it even more so, but their platform experimentation and deviation from the traditional aspect of the franchise particularly in regards to equipment and weapons, character moves and so on, really left me with a lot to be desired and longing for the older games and all they had to offer in those areas. All the little things such as the animation of 47 drawing his weapon shouldn’t have even been discussed in being absent from the game, just because all those little things really add up to a lot and form the style and atmosphere of the title, and a desire to take something in a new direction should not mean throwing away the old concepts especially when they work.

Thanks for reading and to the devs for all their work, I truly enjoy the game and will always continue to support the franchise which I hope continues into the future and it becomes the success it deserves.

See you in 2nd season :wave:

3rd Mar 2017, 04:03
Dude its crazy how many of your mentioned points I also mentioned in my thread almost exactly in the same way. Its like you speak my mind!!

Weapons & Gunplay – Needs serious work, it has been clunky and awkward imo from the very start and is by no means an improvement from previous titles

The weapons in previous games were based on real models not uninteresting variations of the present ones in the game and they sounded realistic and were enjoyable to shoot.

Sound – The voice acting is amusing but completely detaches your suspension of disbelief when you hear the same exact voice and accent on every level, which really detracts itself from the more serious aspect of the game particularly when one of their selling points is this ‘world of assassination

Besides who said bigger was better anyway in this franchise
Completely agree!

3rd Mar 2017, 16:48
Hey 47Chambers, thanks for reading I know it's a long post but unfortunately as you realize there is a lot to discuss that is not right with the game. Since the beta nothing really has changed during the course of the season either aside from an animation that shows 47 put his weapon away and removal of this terrible slow mo effect during head shots, and an extension of Elusive's limited time duration. Community feedback hasn't really been recognized by the developers as a tool for gameplay improvement, unless they're planning to utilize them during next season since this was the 1st foundation and was shaky as hell at the start. I think they will stick with their vision going into the next season and the success of it after completion will make or break this franchise, and if they don't get support through sales I don't see it continuing successfully. I personally believe despite what IOI says, that sales were pretty grim, so they hired the Division dev and are going to continue to finish their original vision of the game. I think the devs think most of us are whiny gamers who want the 'old days' of Hitman back when really if they had stuck with the traditional style of the title it has developed over its time and considered the opinion of their franchise followers more intently, I believe long time fans like us would've been more satisfied and newer players would have emerged in a higher volume.

Three things that definitely WILL NOT change next season

1. The Elusive Target concept - They ain't going to budge on this and I understand why - They think its such a revolutionary idea and that players adore it as much as they do, when if you asked most players honestly they will all agree that they wished they could replay them in the core game whenever they want. This goes against their vision thow because its limited time, and being able to kill them only once is what separates it from the main game.

2. Episodic Platform - This is core to their vision with it playing like a tv spy show. Hopefully we will get a map for every month of the year but we'll see. Personally I would like more smaller maps than jus a few big ones, or have 1 big map that is a Hub location like a major city such as New York (An actual location an International Hitman would realistically revisit) where they can give us a Safehouse to store all our unlocks and Target Practice etc.

3. Always Online - Nothing will change in this regard but I hope I am wrong and they will let us unlock stuff offline and THEN LOAD IT to SERVERS. Maybe its just easier for them if we're always connected idk it still baffles me to this day, regardless of players liking leaderboards or the new Elusive Mode I really don't understand why this relates to the main game unlocks and just being able to play the game without a connection.

This was me just last night as I played and thought of all that is missing :mad2: and it happens everytime I play unfortunately

So is it a success in your eyes 47Chambers?

3rd Mar 2017, 19:39
and removal of this terrible slow mo effect during head shots
There was a slomo effect in the beta? Didn't know this, but tbh. I kinda liked the slowmo effect in Absolution, since it was very subtle, not appearing with every headshot, only the last person you kill would trigger the slowmo effect in order to signal that situation is clear again. Also it felt powerful when shooting a guy in Absolution, but then Absolutions graphics, soundeffects, animations and blood splatter are on another level.

I'm personally thankfull that they went back to the Hitman "roots", after Absolutions very linear approach.
The levels are great, but as I also mentioned in my thread, I prefer quality over quantity. To put it in your words: "Who said bigger was better". The maps as great but could easily be half as big and still be as awesome, like in Blood Money. It seems that the huge size of the maps is kind of a bottleneck, that hinders them to integrate more features, visual effects etc. Because the bigger the maps, the more recources PC/PS4/Xbox require in order to run this game, the result is they have to lower certain quality aspects, may it be visual (graphics, animations) or gameplay features. You can read my thread where I list my suggestions in bulletpoints.

Three things that definitely WILL NOT change next season
I personally don't like or dislike the episodic format, the always on requirement or elusive targets. Im neutral on these points, since it doesn't bother me. What does bother me tho is that they used the episodic format as an excuse, they said due to the episodic release they are able to finish and polish each episode, so that it is ready to be played on release. Considering that it took them almost a year to fix performance, bugs, sound issues etc, I feel like they should have released the game in a full(non episodic) way. This way, players wouldn't have experienced the total mess, in which this game was on release and many moths after and IOI would have been spared from countless complains about performance.

3rd Mar 2017, 22:30
Considering that it took them almost a year to fix performance, bugs, sound issues etc

and they still haven't fix 75% of them. It's gotten worse!

4th Mar 2017, 15:59
Ya the slo mo effect was not popular and they wisely took the advice of the players and removed it, but there still is a kill shot effect in the game. The sound effect sounds like 'Ka-Choom' after a kill shot is done.

18th Mar 2017, 15:58
:zzZ: oh man , I know based on my criticism of this title it would appear I dislike the game but I do enjoy playing it but it makes me so sad to see wasted potential.

Trying to get into Contracts mode but just cannot find the enthusiasm to play it when there is no incentive whatsoever.
I see the merit in making a contract and sharing with friends but accomplishment feels unrewarding, you get nothing but a score and that is it. The currency system to purchase weapons and equipment and unleash yourself with it on the other NPC'S on the map is why I played it in Absolution. You can do everything you want with these NPC’S in the main mode without the need for this one, all you will miss is a score at the end. :( Scrapping Escalations and focusing on this mode needs to happen, they need to choose one or the other, too much wasted development time is going on here this is supposed to be an episodic platform game now so the pressure is on especially now with high expectations for change (those of the opnion) with the 2nd season.

And now the no doubt really unpopular statement - This 2nd season needs to be delayed to polish the product to the degree that is actually going to draw in new players and satisfy the franchise fans to the point where there will be little doubt that it can handle multiple seasons successfully.