View Full Version : A Criminal Past battery bug (PS4).

28th Feb 2017, 08:38
Hi. I ran into a bug which keeps me from playing the way I want to. After changing suits for the first time, the white line indicating when my battery is fully charged is suddenly in the middle of the battery, meaning the battery won't charge more than halfway (it stays red and keeps beeping). Changing suits again doesn't help, it just makes half my battery solid blue and the other half "frizzly" blue, and the problem returns after depleting the battery once. As of yet the only solution seems to be to revert to a save from before changing suits for the first time, and simply never changing suits. I don't want to be forced to use such a workaround; I would rather wait for a patch. I haven't used the altered biocell yet, by the way (and doing so doesn't solve the problem). I have taken the pill, though.