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25th Feb 2017, 07:18
Hello there. I am on a mission to save Jonah from the trinity and as it happens I am stuck at the soviet installation. I have been trying to get to the copper mill bridge camp from there bua blockage everywhere. Please help!

Unfortunately I did not get to save the part when she was at the base camp. 😵

Thanks a bunch.

5th Mar 2017, 06:38
What do You mean when you say blockage,can you tell me more ?
Maybe i can help You.

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31st Jul 2018, 09:44
I have the same problem
Ah so I was trying to pass the bridge but then I found out how to get there and I was climbing on the wall in which I came on a spot where there was a rope attached to another place. My curiosity led me to it and I went down I mean way down near Soviet installation and I can't find how I get back to the base camp . Pls help

14th Aug 2018, 14:57
Assuming Lara has the broadhead arrows, she doesn't need to go back to copper mill bridge camp. She needs to go to the communications tower camp, and that long zip line sequence takes her to that area. Once at communications tower camp / supply shack, there's wall to use the broadhead arrows on and that is where Lara needs to go next.