View Full Version : I want to propose Square an idea regarding TR's 25th anniversary...What should I do?

23rd Feb 2017, 19:57
I decided to post it here since it would get more visibility, although this forum seems to be dead lately I hope the idea is taken into account:

What about hiring the team of Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy in order to make a similar remaster pack which includes all the PS1 TR games? It would be a great way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider. I'm aware this would be a difficult decision since a very high budget would be needed and Square is probably unsure of how successful this could be, so I want to propose a Kickstarter so as to make this happen. This worked with Shenmue 3, why couldn't it work with a HD remaster pack? And you can also add a modern control scheme as an option for newcomers.

You could promote this idea on the Internet and make teasers so as to hype people.

And after this project is completed, perhaps you could make HD ports of the original games and their expansions (Unfinished Business, TR 2 Gold, The Lost Artifact and The Times Exclusive) for new OS and consoles, TR 1 would be greatly benefited from this. The team from the OpenTomb project made a letter in tombraiderforums where they suggest to use the TR 1 engine (which Square owns) in order to port the rest of the PS1-era games:


A TR fan from Deviantart called tombraider4ever made a recreation of Lara's model with detailed textures:


And this is a cover I made with Photoshop as a what-if situation:

PD: It would be a great tribute to the origins of the franchise and I'm sure people would appreciate it a lot, since you'd be making them more accessible to new generations of fans.

23rd Feb 2017, 21:00
The idea of making a TOMB RAIDER CLASSICS REMASTER would be a dream coming to reality. I really think that Square Enix should put a studio on that task !

The economic potential of such a "5 in 1 compilation" is absolutely there and the idea of a crowdfunding like Kickstarter is great to prove and confirm that potential. Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise is way more iconic than Crash Bandicoot was (or will ever be), so to me it is almost inconceivable that a TOMB RAIDER CLASSICS REMASTER would not create a similar hype for it.

Furthermore, the multi-platform possibility (PC, PS4, XboxOne, iOs, and maybe NSwitch) reinforce even more the potential of such a game. The wait of 5 years (for the 25th anniversary) is not really necessary, I think. If a studio was working on such a project, it would certainly not take 5 years to complete it, so the faster it's released, happier are the gamers.

Like you said, this idea should really be promoted on internet, video games forums, etc. This is the kind of project that worth the investment. Every fans (new and old) would be satisfied, so Square Enix would be too.

I hope that people will share that idea, but still, I'm really happy to see that I'm not alone dreaming of a TOMB RAIDER CLASSICS REMASTER.

24th Feb 2017, 19:01
Thank you so much for the support! I'm doing my best to advertise this thread at Twitter:


And I hope it encourages Square Enix to support talented fan projects which either remake The Angel of Darkness or make a new game with Core Design's Lara! There are many of them: TR The Dagger of Xian, The Lost Dominion, etc.

P.s: By the way, I forgot to post this: Please Square Enix, take into consideration these ideas for the project:

-Using Nathan McCree's remastered music from TR Suite.

-Take a look at LeonDeka's method of remastering the FMV cutscenes for the HD ports of the original games. You should talk with him, he's really good at it! He was interviewed by the owner of the Core Design tribute website and has a channel on Youtube with the same nickname.

26th Feb 2017, 15:16
The model adopted by 'Sonic Mania' seems absolutely ideal and I could really see that working. That is what I would want to see and absolutely for any new 'classic game' or remaster Nathan McCree doing the music is a must.

26th Feb 2017, 19:47
The model adopted by 'Sonic Mania' seems absolutely ideal and I could really see that working. That is what I would want to see and absolutely for any new 'classic game' or remaster Nathan McCree doing the music is a must.

I was thinking more about this, a remaster compilation made by the same team of this project:


Though your idea is more feasible, they can remaster all the classics with HD textures and improved 3D models like this team of fans is doing with TR 4:


P.S: I'm scared about the idea of asking for a remaster since many people seem to despise classic Lara because of her unrealistic design. I've seen some articles from magazines where they constantly hate / claim the original Lara had no personality and that she was a mere sex object, which upsets me to no end. I've even seen them complaining about her when they're talking about the new Lara or insinuate that old Lara is inferior to the new Lara! It's just disgusting.