View Full Version : Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Permission to speak freely? LOL.

16th Feb 2017, 08:21
So, my first post on the Square Enix Deus Ex:MD forums, and its not a happy post, well not in its entirety. I'll start with good news: I love the game. I don't think anyone will ever be able to convince me otherwise. I do however have 2 predominant issues with this game. One is what I consider to be a step back in terms of how games are coming along, and for the series itself, the other is more of a disgruntled gamer's opinion about a particular aspect.

Though I suppose, the same could be said about my first one as well.

Anyway, on to the reasons I'm here.

Firstly: (I'll start with the nuisance, not my step back.) The credits... OK well probably some gamers harped on about when they completed the game closer to its release but it doesn't change the fact that the achievement(s) you are supposed to get for watching the credits are sort of forced onto the player. You can't skip the credits, meaning the next game spoiler (that's what I'm calling it for a lack of a better description) that players get as a reward for watching all the credits and the achievement they get is wasted. Now, I wouldn't mind if you could skip the credits but not the mention of the friend who passed away. That's perfectly cool with me. I would do the same. However I'm not going to drone on about the credits, it's annoying but not something I can't leave my computer for and do something else for 20 minutes. On to point two!

Secondly: The step back. Probably a topic that might warrant the posts deletion, but I want to bring it up because it pains me to see a game as good as this one, make me not want to play it as much as when I first started it and completed it twice. The NEW GAME + loop. Yeah... I can't say I enjoyed finding out about this after playing Deus Ex:HR Director's Cut where the NG+ continued on from the latest save, not the latest non-NG+ save, as is present in DE:MD. Now, I'm not going to expect someone to turn around and go; "Right! We need to fix this!" Unrealistic. It won't happen. BUT. I would like a workaround. A post telling players how to alter the save file in way that bypasses the NG+ problem. I'd be ecstatic if the game Developers did a fix/patch that changed the way this worked, but I'm only one person and I don't know the first thing about altering the lines of code that register the saves in such a manner, so saying it sounds easy or anything is like telling a baby it's easy to walk when they have trouble standing upright.

Anyway that's all I wanted to say. I read up on the forum rules and did my best not add anything that would infringe on those rules, so I hope this post makes it up for people to see. If people, Developers included, took the time to read this I'd be very appreciative.

Thanks for reading. :)