View Full Version : Payment Processing Error when system processes my payment method but charges the 0.50

14th Feb 2017, 05:08
Trying to contact Customer Support and are ignoring all I have send them.

Dont know how but I have pre-ordered the NieR: Automata Black Box Edition since December 14, now that charge for payment came waited from Feb 10 to Feb 13, and got the Payment Process Error, still S-E is till givin me another chance tomorrow but the results will be the same.

How come, contacted customer support and they blame my payment method saying my card has expired, how is that, I reported them that my card had to change since January and the number is the same, just the expiration date changed, and the Terms say to report that, check more than a month ago, I use it daily for everything with sucess but S-E system is not being an exception.

Same happened with the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Limited Edition which I had pre-order, billing day came and Error, and according the store same issue that expiration date is wrong, the thing is how can it be wrong since my credit card balance reveals that S-E took the $0.50 dollar deposit for the pre-order, so re-entered again and the same issue until the system cancelled it.

Still Pre-ordered again later when it seems payment was direct the moment order is made on the site and was validated at that moment, YAY, but now this, why when the system does processing keeps denying my payment method.

Same is still happening with my current Nier Black Box pre-order that seems S-E will cancel it, and thing is there are no more in stock, and they dont even check why their system keeps negleting it, but how come, since when I re-entered payment I got the pre-order confirmation e-mail fine, and was charged the $0.50, to later get a PAYMENT ERROR, perhaps the system is having issues with Master Card, asked others their card of choice from all those that confirmed payment success are VISA.

What Im sad about is that I will lose this CE and Customer Support doesnt even check how its system is being handeled, or perhaps they block my account at being charged.

I even contacted them and they told me Im whitelisted, how is that.