View Full Version : PC - unable to connect to hitman service. Failed to authorize your account

11th Feb 2017, 14:03
It's just before 9am Eastern US time on Saturday 11 February 2017 as I write this. I play on a PC through Steam. When I attempt to connect to the servers I get the the Connection Failed box with the message:

"Unable to connect to the HITMAN service. Failed to authorize your account with the HITMAN server. Fpr more information contact HITMAN Support."

I had this all day yesterday (Friday 10 February), and chalked it up to the widespread issues on all three platforms while everyone was trying to get to Elusive Target 20. When the twitter announcement came out that "the PC issues are subsiding", this went away an I played some Featured Contracts.

Now it is back, eveb after verifying all files through Steam

Note, I have fad 'failure to connect to the servers' before without this message. This seems subtly different.