View Full Version : Possible locations for the game

11th Feb 2017, 06:49
What locations would everyone like to see?

I think there should be three or four open world regions connected by portals or the bifrost or something. The places that come to mind for be are New York (since a lot happens there in the MCU), Asgard and Sakaar. Xandar would be cool, but maybe that would be best saved for the GOTG game.

23rd Mar 2017, 02:44
New York! MGU (Marvel Gaming Universe) needs something like the Avengers movie, dynamism among heroes, must begin.

It would be cool to see them preparing us for Infinite War together with the movie :)

17th Jul 2018, 09:07
I hope it has all the places from MHO, But Im not sure that is possible. This game is supposedly and Open World game right?