View Full Version : I wanted to thank you for the Steelbox BluRay (plus creepy inspiration for Season 2)

8th Feb 2017, 18:47
finally I am able to play the finest Hitman experience I had in years thanks to the elusive precious Steelbook BluRay.


This exclusive very artistic and yet superb puristic designed jewel is a true masterpiece of art and has even a 3D relief HITMAN logo on it!


Even the game itself has superb art style and the best state of the art graphics.
http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170208/9wq2a2v5.jpg (http://www.directupload.net)

Haha this game and it`s disguises is so cool :D excuse the bad picture quality I don`t have internet on the PlayStation and need to photograph the screen for publishing screenshots.

I thought for months that I will never be able to enjoy the newest Hitman (because I never buy online distribution DRM games or Steam games and forced-online-games and other pure digital software or season stuff and I don`t have broadband internet) untill last year in November I found out that an Steelbook Bluray with Hitman 2016 will be released in January.
Aaaaaw pure happyness since than while was waiting impatiently for the release.
Now I have the game since two days ago and it is PERFECT :)

A perfect Hitman experience with classic gameplay elements like in Blood Money and the original Hitman Codename 47.

I hope this great series continues and the season 2 will again be released on a precious BluRay.

Oh and I have a little inspiration for a truly great Hitman mission in episode 2.
Several years ago a friend of mine played a game called "Heavy Rain" with a creepy DLC calles "The Taxidermist" where the protagonist had to enter a creepy house on a rainy late afternoon.
The first floor was completely normal looking, just an average house.
But up on the second floor where corpses swimming in the bath tub, and dolls made of stuffed humans stood around like mannequinns.
It was clear the guy living in this house was insane and a serial killer.
I would really love to see some creepy missions in Hitman season 2, for example 47 entering the well-guarded mansion of very rich and insane serial killer, or do you remember this awesome Prague mission with the hotel in Hitman?
Imagine an impressive house with gothic architectural style similiar to this Prague hotel, a thunderstorm raging outside.
And 47 must infiltrate this house that is a mixture of private mansion and abandoned psychiatric ward to terminate the Hannibal-like boss and owner of this old mansion who is known for eating all the patients that won`t be missed by someone after being released from the old hospital ward.

Killing some real bad guys for the police who don`t have enough evidence to nail a notorious killer - which means a nice mixture of exterminating real bad guys and not only "high-ranked political targets" in most of the Hitman missions is always a very interesting and highly diversified and intense gameplay experience :)