View Full Version : Tinkling of the metal tools at her belt

7th Feb 2017, 18:20
When you move Lara there are constant tinklings all 3-5 seconds of her metal tools hanging at her belt.
It happens only while normal moving, not while swimming or move while aiming or climbing.

Its totally annoying and since i first recognized it im not able to unhear it any more.
If i mute sound effects in the audio options its gone, but as well as all other sound effects.

It really drives me mad.
Clink, clink, clink all the time.

For me it sounds like the bearing of my pc-fans are broken. Makes me want to oil them.
Totally annoying.

Most stupid sound effect i ever heard in a video game.
It really is a game breaker for me and its a pity but i have to quit this game because i really cant stand it.

You should fire the developer who was in charge to put this sound effect in the game.