View Full Version : Rise of Tombraider - problem with fast swimming

7th Feb 2017, 16:19
I am in the last part of Abandoned mine where Lara is going to swim under water in a tunnel. My problem is, that I can't get her to swim fast using the shift key and w. She starts the swimming with two fast movements of swimming and then after this just swim with normal speed. Each time she drowns.... What can I do??? :mad

8th Feb 2017, 02:19
I have the PS4 version and I think to swim faster you press square repeatedly. Maybe press one of the buttons repeatedly? Not sure sorry.

8th Feb 2017, 09:09
like lara fan pointed out; you have to press shift repeatedly. in other games you usually keep it pressed but others do not. i have noticed it as well when she started to swim slower so i kept pressing it quickly and she swam quicker too.