View Full Version : Cave of the Witch -- HELP!!!

7th Feb 2017, 15:56
I have taken down the blasted witch twice. I shoot her rope capsule with an arrow, hook it to the spool, shoot her twice with a bullet to keep her from cutting the rope, then press square button to release flames from burner to fry her.

On the third salvo, however, I follow the above steps but don't see a square button prompt to release flames. The witch gets very close to the spool and cuts the rope.

This has happened repeatedly, and it's driving me crazy. I hate games that don't throw you a helpful clue or lifeline when you fail a checkpoint repeatedly.

Can anyone tell me how to take the frigging witch down on the third salvo???


8th Feb 2017, 02:01
Glitches in this game are frustrating, especially when you're working on something so important. Did you try moving around the switch? Sometimes I've had issues similar to that where you're not exactly aligned with the switch the way the game wants you to be. You could also be too close to the switch, try backing up a tiny bit. Sorry it's not much but I hope it helps.