View Full Version : Help logging in to Final Fantasy XIV on PS4

6th Feb 2017, 18:00
So I am a brand new user and just created my Square Enix account. I have verified the account and login. I purchased FF XIV through the PS4 store digital download and installed. I get to the part that asks if I need to create a Square Enix account or already have one. I select already have one and enter in the account info (there is a 3rd field for one-time password which I know what it is but never set that additional security up on my account). I keep getting the "Username or Password is incorrect" error. Any help would be appreciated as to what is going on. I haven't even had a chance to link my PS4 account to my Square Enix account which I know is the next step to Register the game id with Square Enix:scratch::mad2: