View Full Version : tomb raider 3

5th Feb 2017, 12:16
Hey guys,i saw that is a new tomb raider in development called "shadow of the tomb raider" ,does anyone of you know something about this?

6th Feb 2017, 01:28
It's an alleged leak from someone on a subway looking over the shoulder of a Square Enix developer on their laptop and took a photo. No details were readable. This has been potentially confirmed by an unknown source to Kotaku.
The interesting thing about this is the photo was taken in Montreal, and people are speculating why/how SE Montreal is involved.

That's all that is currently known about it (AFAIK). People have accepted the name and rolled with it.

Sounds like a cool name.

8th Feb 2017, 02:08
Someone had announced this already as a possible leak. I would just wait until we get official news and trailers and what not. I do like the name though, sounds mysterious.

9th Feb 2017, 02:15
Yep, so far all we know is the probable name and that Eidos Montreal (not SE Montreal) look to be working on it (probably alongside CD).

I really do hope an official announcement is made soon. Topics on Rise are either running dry or becoming repetitive :p.