View Full Version : HITMAN - Steam Controller not seen as controller after 1/31/2017 update

3rd Feb 2017, 18:57
I've been using the Steam Controller in HITMAN for 2 months. After the update on Jan 31, 2017, the game no longer appears to recognize it as a controller. When I load the game, only the Keyboard navigation prompts appear for menu navigation and gameplay. For example, in the menus, only Page Down appears as the option to switch between Main Menu areas (Destinations, Contracts, Options, etc.), whereas before the Jan 31 update, when a controller was detected, RB became the navigation option. It appears the Steam Controller is not being recognized

This happens when I am in Big Picture mode or normal Steam mode. In Big Picture mode, before starting the game, I see a warning that "Steam Overlay is disabled", and am told this may affect Steam Controller functionality. In the Steam Controller troubleshooting steps, verifying that Steam Overlay is enabled is the very first step, saying it's essential for the SC to function properly.

The Steam Controller works fine for other games, and on my Windows 10 desktop.

An Xbox 360 controller works fine, as well.

1. Start game in Big Picture mode or Normal Steam mode
2. When menu loads, note that menu navigation prompts are for keyboard controls only
3. When the game loads (must be launched with keyboard controls), the game does not respond to Steam Controller input.

Date & Time: After Jan 31, 2017

Frequency: Always

Platform: Windows 10, all current updates.


Both Steam and Steam Controller are on their latest available versions.
I have an Nvidia GTX 1050ti, 4gb card. All HITMAN graphics options are on highest settings. Game runs great.