View Full Version : Can't choose a shipping country

2nd Feb 2017, 10:55
So I am currently trying to pre order Nier : Automata Black Box edition.
The game is in my cart, even though it is at this time unavailable, I probably got lucky on that one.
But I am encountering a problem, when Trying to choose a shipping/payment country, a few countries are not in the list.
I am trying to get the game shipped to Paris, France, but France is not in the countries list. Neither are the Uk or US for that matter.

2nd Feb 2017, 20:42
Yep having same issue couldn't select UK when trying to pre order FFXIV stormblood I swear SE get worse and worse e mailed customer support since live chat was down so lets hope they respond soon.

6th Mar 2017, 07:41
Yes, I am also facing the same issue and coudn't selecting the UK

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21st Apr 2017, 05:40
In addition to these two countries, what other countries do not include?