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18th Nov 2002, 23:26
anybody every wonder who that big strong guy at the credits on BO2 was

he is very strong
with a chain as a weapon
tattoos on his body
and i think he is wearing a yello pants
he looks very kool
i keep wondering who he is

could anybody get a picture of him and post it

Umah Bloodomen
19th Nov 2002, 17:22

I think that this model became the thugs that you encounter in the city of Meridian.

19th Nov 2002, 22:53
I wish he would have been one of the bosses on a level.

He looks like he could really kick some butt!

19th Nov 2002, 23:01

thanks umah that dude looks kool

20th Nov 2002, 04:17
I dont know if they would have been thieves though cause he has the sarafan symbol on his chest so im thinkin more along the lines of a boss

the vampire with the six wings looks pretty kool to
im thinkin he might have either been a traitor or maybe a member of the cabal not sure though im only guessing

i hope the both of them make future installments :cool:

20th Nov 2002, 06:19
I'm pretty sure the six-winged vampire is an early design for Janos.
The guy with the weighted chain may have been a design for a boss - apparently there were a handful of them that got cut before any work was completed on them. OTOH, he might have just been a regular enemy too.

Umah Bloodomen
20th Nov 2002, 06:24
As I said earlier, I believe the model was used for the thug design. Obviously there are some differences in the final renders that appear in the game, but the body style and overall appearance (without concept-apparent tattooing) is quite similar.

I am with you though, Blinc. I also figured the multi-winged vampire concept to be Janos Audron.

20th Nov 2002, 09:11
Does anyone have a picture of the multi-winged vampire, or a link to a site that has it? Now I'm really curious to see it...

Umah Bloodomen
20th Nov 2002, 09:36

You're welcome. ;) :p

20th Nov 2002, 19:23
sorry umah i misunderstood what you said

fierce claw
see the xbox logo at the left corner hint hint :cool:

21st Nov 2002, 00:40
That many wings looks like they would get in the way of each other if he tried to fly!

However, I do like the uniform design.

I still wish the final Janos had looked more like the Janos in SR2. I wish they could have copied his character model into the program for the new game.

21st Nov 2002, 00:45
Six wings is actually pretty common in terms of the design of angels (according to legends, of course), although they're only supposed to use two for flying.
Some of the higher-level ones are supposed to have thousands of wings =).

21st Nov 2002, 01:09
the highest choir of angles are the seraphim and they had six wings

the seraphim are the angels that stand by gods throne and they chant holy holy is the lord

the second highest choir of angles was the cherabuim they also has 6 wings i think im not sure

am i right blinc or am i mistaken

21st Nov 2002, 08:59
Originally posted by Umah Bloodomen

You're welcome. ;) :p

Thanks :D .

Wow, I'm glad Janos ended up looking friendlier and more peaceful than the guy in that picture does.

21st Nov 2002, 17:51
Perhaps that tellow guy was one of the design of sarafan warrior but finally didn't be used in the game?
Noticed that his weapon, if they use this charactar they got to design new movement for Kain. All the combat movement in Blood omen2 is depends on what weapon that Kain carry, like:
-Heavy sword/giant axe/Soul Reaver
-empty hand
-Double blade

Perhaps Eidos finally decided to cancel that yellow thug due to his weapon. Every enemy except hylden will drop their weapon after Kain kill them, right?

21st Nov 2002, 19:53
in that case they could've done like they did to raz on sr2 about those dudes that had that kind of cannon...

7th Dec 2002, 13:19
Whoa, there, that looks like the thug guy from BattleChasers.

He was a master criminal, a monk gone mad who had his body protected by a number of golden markings. His skin colour was dark blue however...anyway, he broke out of prison and the male lead of the comic, Garrison (If you've read Hagiwara's Bastard!! comic, yes, Gara was the original inspiration. Gara - Gara's son - Garrison, silly, neh?) who...in an odd twist, bought out this 'cursed blade' (the original concept was a blade of energy...) that in turn did something to the monk. Now what it was, I don't know, but it involved a glowing light.

The more I think about it, the crazier it feels. Cross inspiration almost...

*shrugs* mweh.

Lady Kreliana
8th Dec 2002, 23:43
Originally posted by Darakari

I still wish the final Janos had looked more like the Janos in SR2. I wish they could have copied his character model into the program for the new game.

Me too.

9th Dec 2002, 02:22
-Heavy sword/giant axe/Soul Reaver

actually the soul reaver is a class of its own
it has the movement of the heavier weapons, but impales when an enemy is grabbed, rather than decapitate

9th Dec 2002, 02:51
I thought the six winged creature on the credits and sketched in the manual were early/original forms of the Hylden before they were cast in the demon dimension??

9th Dec 2002, 02:57
I can more easily see it as an image of Janos, or just a general ancient Vampire, than anything else.

9th Dec 2002, 20:25
It's quite clear it's the Blood omen 2 team's janos concept that they would have had to alter to fit in the the SR2 storyline seing SR2 got there first.

If you don't believe me with that then consider the following:

1. It's wearing janos' BO2 clothes
2. Blood omen 2 started development before SR2 I THINK and it was done by different ppl. Different ppl have different ideas....

I actually LOVE this version of janos though. I prefer the look a lot more.........but janos himself looks better the way he is, if you get me. This Janos looks a little too nasty to be the janos we meet

9th Dec 2002, 20:33
I think 'our boy' was no way a thug concept. look at the evidence:

1. The only guy bigger than him is the serafan lord
2. He has a serafan tattoo
3. again I think it's necessary to point out the sheer size of the guy.

He MUST have been a boss design.

I'm guessing he's from the bit in the library early on. ANY one here know where I mean? After a cut scene with a human helping you (I think you're looking for the bishop guy) a big serafan guy comes in and acts like a mini boss in a similar way to the turelium 'boss' in SR1.....

just a thought

Lady Kreliana
10th Dec 2002, 05:56
Size doesn't necessarily mean he was to be a boss. ;) After all, it is just a concept. :)