View Full Version : First Topic: Final Fantasy XV Wishlist in Future Updates.

30th Jan 2017, 21:12
I am enjoying what Final Fantasy XV has to offer as of now, but i could not help to notice that there are some missing features that would.

rather than stating what is already implied, such as new companions, weapons, quests, alternate endings, etc, i would like to make a list of more unique features i would like the game to include in future updates.

more emphasis on "warping".

Noctis has the ability to warp but seems to be limited in some way. my simple suggestion is to add more creative warping styles in the game. Noctis seems to be one of the few playable characters that can warp in the Final Fantasy universe, so it would be a shame to not explore his unique abilities further.

for example, upgrades would be added that would give Noctis's warp dodge faster activation, faster follow up, or more range.

more airborne combat

a simple invisible warp anchor that would launch Noctis into the sky. that is as simple as i can get.

also, i do not enjoy being knocked down by the slightest touch of damage while i am in the air.

more AP gain.

i have seen a lot of videos and walk-throughs that help players gain more AP in order to get that one skill.

however, these methods are repetitive and time consuming. they are also obviously exploits that feel unnecessary to grind through.

when the developers made skills and upgrades available that would cost 999 AP, you would think they would give us more options then warp killing and summoning whistles for as much as 3 per activity.

more royal arms upgrades.

i love these weapons. i really do. especially if one of them is a katana and another is a chainsaw greatsword. however, i felt as if i had spent a lot less time on these weapons than i should have simply because of one reason. they require an great amount of health.

my requests are simple upgrades bought with AP to reduce the amount of health required for using the royal arms. or at least switch the cost from health to stamina.

thanks for visiting the topic. i would like to hear any thoughts on these requests.