View Full Version : Flamethrower boss in Geothermal Valley. Argh!!!!!!!

30th Jan 2017, 07:54
I've probably spent 3 hrs trying to kill this stupid boss with no success. I've followed the online hints, but nothing works.

I'm playing in Adventurer mode, so this should be relatively easy. I should not want to hurl my controller out the window. Thanks for screwing up the play balance so badly that I cannot finish the last 2/3 of the game.

30th Jan 2017, 19:03
All you have to do is shoot at the fuel tank or whatever it's called on his back. It's the red tank on his back. If you do it right it should explode causing him to explode causing his death. You can try to shoot it when he's facing you too because if he's at a certain angle it's exposed. I know you said you checked every online hint but try youtube. Search for rise of the tomb raider geothermal valley flamethrower and you'll see some people going through the process of killing him. Don't forget to hide behind objects and dodge. If you get close enough and can dodge you could end up right behind him and you can try shooting the tank that way.

31st Jan 2017, 15:10
Probably best to use the shotgun and try to get shots on the tank on his back. Headshots don't seem to work well and though you would think fire arrows would be most effective on the gas tanks they don't work either. You have to run behind the barricades to catch him at the right angle as he turns too quick at close range. The canisters on his back start to leak if you are doing it right.