View Full Version : Weapon Suggestions for Season 2

30th Jan 2017, 04:58
Luger P-08 (Jager P-33)
Dual Silverballers
Walther PPK (Spion Pk7)
Revolver No 3
Mauser 96 (and Automatic Version) (Deutsch Typewriter)
Mac 10
Double Barrel Shotgun
M1903 Experimental (Rifle with handgun clip)
Steryl M1912
Beretta 92SF (Jager 9F)
HK VP70 (With and Without Stock) (LSK 70B)
Five-Seven (Armor Piercing Handgun with different Handgun Ammo) (Fischer Eleven-47)
Flintlock Pistol (For elegant Assassinations)
Mannlicher–Carcano Rifle (Hidell Rifle)
Walther WA 2000 Black (The same one from Silent Assassin)

Also removing all the current weapons and allowing us to put on skins and attachments would be better so we can customize our World Of Assassination to an art of our own.

Oh and I'm tired of the same guns appearing in all the levels, These guns would be perfect to replace the current ones

31st Jan 2017, 22:20
why do people keep mentioning dual ballers. They will never happen. Torben said , to get the left hand to work in Absolution, they had to "hack" the hell out of it. Whatever that means. He then said they just didn't feel like doing it. So there. I don't think we should be getting any more guns at all if they continue to tweak the game to severely discourage gunplay. Season 2(if it happens), will be more trinkets such as crystal balls, Iconator type toys, and batons. It's hysterical that on the other forum these clowns actually we were getting a briefcase and dual silverballers. There's one guy that keeps *****ing about a blackballer, like it makes a difference, and another who was expecting buttoned up suits! What are these kids smoking these days?