View Full Version : Base Game Not Available on Steam?

29th Jan 2017, 18:56
I was doing some spring cleaning and found an unused Steam code for the ROTTR season pass that I got from the Tomb Raider panel at PAX East last year. I need to own ROTTR on Steam to use the DLC code, so I went to go buy it (and now I'll have three copies) but the base game is not available anymore. It's just the 20 Year Celebration edition which comes with the season pass, rendering my code useless.


Is there a way to purchase just the base game from Steam? Otherwise, I guess I'm going to have to do a code giveaway, as much as I would love to actually be able to use it.

17th Feb 2017, 03:23

17th Feb 2017, 04:00
nope, only the edition you see now on steam is available. so yes, the code is completely useless for anyone. the same as with deus ex human revolution. now you only get the directors cut that includes the entire lot and changes they have made to the boss battles. the base game alone is not available anymore besides the DLC (missing link), for people who havent purchased it at that time.