View Full Version : XBOX 1 cant save or autosave suddenly

27th Jan 2017, 23:57
Late in game but with only 11 manual saves I suddenly noticed I could not save, even attempts to overwrite just resulted in the yellow triangle rotating but no new save. I deleted a few saves and it appeared to start saving. However, the problem reoccurred quickly and I am now down to 4 saves. For a while autosave appeared to carry on working, but now that also fails. Auto save just rotates the yellow triangle as per the manual save, but no saves result.

I have tried removing my profile from the XBOX, rebooting, loading it all again and waiting for Deus Ex to resync. Still saving just fails. No errors, no suggestions, just not possible to continue playing the game.

Another interesting side effect seems to be the inability to change costume. I can select the greatcoat, press A to accept, but again nothing happens as per saving. Maybe unrelated, but I am sure this also used to work.

My Xbox has 48% free disk space on it and just 4 games. Don't think this is an issue with the XBOX itself as other games play fine, even Fallout 4 with every DLC.

Most of the suggestions on here and the web in general refer to the PC version and purging cloud storage. I have no idea how to do that with an XBOX 1.

Any help wil be gratefully received