View Full Version : CD working on Avengers game but still no announcement on SotTR

27th Jan 2017, 01:43
The big announcement came out that Crystal Dynamics are working on an Avengers game and there is a whole forum section for this. Even after the mystery of the next TR game appears already blown open, they haven't officially announced SotTR yet. There has been a lot of talk about Eidos Montreal helping on Shadow and if more of CD are tied up on Avengers that could be why. I think read somewhere that Eidos Montreal did some of the work of Rise's challenge tombs which were the best bits so this potentially could be good news if we get bigger chunks of the challenge tomb style.

I think Crystal will do a really great job with Avengers and there are certain parts to Rise where I think that style could fit even better with Avengers than TR. I can see it being a big hit for them. If is too early to start looking to SotTR yet then Avengers could be something else really cool to get excited about. The lack of announcement of Rise though surely must mean SotTR can't be before last quarter this year or probably 1st half 2018. It is quite likely that enough of the game is done now that is no effect from Avengers unless they decide to stagger the release windows.With TR we have Nathan's potential album and tour so that is exciting even if it is starting to look like we may still have a wait on our hands for SotTR.

27th Jan 2017, 02:36
A shame they didn't get this deal before they rebooted into what is essentially a new ip that is tomb raider in name only. That the avengers have a woman wearing an iconic costume and armed with dual pistols just makes it all the more annoying what they have done to lara croft and the gameplay of series in the name of relatability.

27th Jan 2017, 02:56
Eidos Montreal are also working on this Avengers Project with Crystal. Maybe each studio has two teams now.

According to the FAQ, the actual game will be announced properly in 2018. So...this year SE/EM/CD can give some marketing love to SotTR this year, even if just at E3 and later. I mean, surely they'll be concentrating on promoting the hell out of the Avengers thing next year. I hope SotTR doesn't get left by the wayside.

Anyway, good luck CD for this new thing. They've been working solely on TR for so long now, perhaps it will be good for them to do something different.

27th Jan 2017, 19:29
I think it's good they are branching away from 'TR' for a bit. Honestly at this point I wouldn't mind if they took another 6 years for the next TR to even be announced. Let them step back, not get burned out, and maybe be more inspired then they've been since 'Legend' to work on a TR.