View Full Version : Lousy FPS, avg 14 to17 fps

22nd Jan 2017, 15:15
Here are the system specs, using your own performance guide, set the game up and when I started it I was unable to get anywhere near 30fpa\

ASRock FX990 Fatal1ty motherboard
AMD FX-8350 8 core CPU running at 4.0 gig
16 gig Dominator pc2300 DDR3
Samsung Evo 850 256 gig OS SSD
Seagate Black 1 TB SATA 6 Gaming drive
Onboard 7.1 HD audio Realtek
AMD R9-380x w/4 gb ddr5
800 watt 80 coolermaster power supply

All drivers are new, just rebuilt system yesterday, OS is windows 7 PRO x64, video drivers ver 16.12.2.
Now, can anyone suggest a setup that will work, BTW, prior to the 12.x version of the amd drivers did NOT have this problem, avg FPS was 32 for the whole game.:(