View Full Version : Crash on loading any save since leaving for London

21st Jan 2017, 18:15
After the Dvali mission, 32 hours into the game, I speak with Vega in my apartment. Any save taken after leaving the apartment block fails to load. I can consistently get saves that load fine as long as I do not get to the metro station; then ANY save after that crashes the game with no error message. I even reached London, but any saves taken there show the same problem.

Effectively I'm unable to complete the game (after investing so many hours in it) unless I manage to do it in a single session without ever dying or crashing for other reasons - which is realistically impossible.

Between the moment where saves working fine and saves crashing I literally just walk to the opposite side of the road - I don't pick up any objects, I don't use augs, trigger alarms, or transition to other zones.

This is so frustrating... if it happened just after buying the game I would just have returned it. But for the first THIRTY-TWO hours the game was solid... it barely ever crashed. :mad:

I went through the usual stuff - checked that the game is updated - update all my drivers - disable my antivirus - disable all DLCs that won't invalidate the game - nothing.