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21st Jan 2017, 16:49
Hi everyone. Just seen some news that Rhianna is leaving TR and not working on the next game saying that she is going on to other projects. I have also found some interesting stuff saying that she wasn't happy with some of story of Rise and hints that the intention was for Sam to die at ending at end of TR(2013).


For some fans Rhianna will be linked for giving Lara more nuance and making her seem far more relatable than previous incarnations doing a great job with the reboot. For others maybe she will be seen as pandering too much to the feminists and being too adverse to aspects of classic Lara like sex-appeal and witty humour. Hopefully she will have the best of success with her next project

What are your thoughts on this news?

21st Jan 2017, 17:26
I was very happy when I heard the news, and that Eurogamer article just solidifies that feeling for me. She clearly had a different vision for Lara than that of the other writers at Crystal, and that article suggests to me that because she was getting her way less and less she wanted out.
Saving Sam and following in her fathers footsteps (going on an actual adventure) are defining moments to this new Lara for me; she's not a scared failure, she is becoming the hero that we used to know. :thumb:

Anyway, I'm quite interesting in knowing who the next writer is...

22nd Jan 2017, 01:59
I am fairly happy. I felt from her answers that she didn't like pre-reboot Lara that much and was always looking to rewrite Lara in the mold of other characters she had written rather than looking to get the best of earlier Lara incarnations.

To her credit I actually think she was totally right that the father stuff didn't belong in Rise and the interview suggests that it was Crystal rather than herself that made the mistake of not adding some humour. Rhianna did say when she was young she didn't like how sexy Lara was shown as and perhaps she took that opinion too far to get the right balance for Lara. I think whoever takes over has to have that love for not just what Lara is right now but also the character built up over 20 years.

I do wish Rhianna all the best with whatever she is going to do. Wonder who we will get to replace her.

22nd Jan 2017, 19:15
After reading interviews I did get the impression Rhianna had less to do with the tone of Lara than Crystal. She is the writer of Overlord after all. She knows funny. She actually states how much pressure outside sources put on them to get a certain tone. I really respect what she accomplished, and feel way too much blame was dumped on her, when in reality those decisions were made by Crystal before she was even hired. However in all honesty I previously had something of a negative tone towards the PR of the games being so negative towards Classic TombRaider, but once again I think Rhianna is a terrific writer who was being saddled with the idea she invented the more heavy handed tones.