View Full Version : KH 1.5+2.5 HD Remix for PS4 request: cross-saved/trophy shared with PS3 versions?

20th Jan 2017, 11:41
I don't know where to contact Square Enix staff, but since this is the official community I'll ask there: is it possible to ask Square Enix via feedback?

I basically finished all the HD Remixes but unfortunately I don't possess the games anymore. I'm looking forward to buy the new big collection incoming in March (hopefully).

I never understood why Life is Strange trophies from PS3 to PS4 are separated but not Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, for example.

Since some trophies I found were really hard to get for me, I would like to ask Square Enix if it possible to have cross-saves options or, at least, trophy shared with the PS3 games.

It would be less stressfull for me. Thanks again in advice!

2nd Feb 2017, 11:41
It would be a nice feature to have. I think there are a lot of people (including me) that haven't fully finished 1.5 and 2.5 on PS3 and are interested to continue their game on PS4 at 60fps from when they left it on PS3.

I hope that Square-enix will implement it, but I guess they did it for FF X HD Remastered just because the game was available also on PSVITA when it came out. So originally they developed this function to transfer from PS3 to PSVITA and viceversa, and then update it also for PS4 when the game was released on PS4.

This is just my personal think. I hope to have this feature.



9th Feb 2017, 09:57
I hope that they will do that because it would give me a good reason to buy again the game so i can try to get the platinum trophy. Otherwise i don't see any reason to buy the game again...keep the fingers crossed.