View Full Version : Small Request for a Sound Fix/Change

19th Jan 2017, 23:36
The Shotguns in Hitman seem to be Pump Action Shotguns but there is no Pump Action sound when shooting. There only is a Pump Action Sound on Reloading. I don't know if this is a Bug or intentional but please add a Pump Action Sound to the Shotguns in the next Patch. Generally speaking the Weapons could use a Sound Overhaul.

And an Suggestion for Season 2: Please add more Weapon Variety like in the Old Hitman Games. You know Different Pistols including Heavy Caliber ones (Desert Eagle) and Revolvers, Different Shotguns (Pumpaction, Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic), different MPs and Assault Rifles and so on. You get the Idea ;)

20th Jan 2017, 14:50

20th Jan 2017, 20:07
agree. Sound , especially on guns, (the guard's balloon popping pistol sound is laughable) is so bad in this game. Inconsistent sound when throwing items, dialogue still cutting off mid sentence, puking sounds sometimes are not there, explosion sounds work maybe 75% of the time. It's like the budget was about 100 bucks for audio design. It's obvious.