View Full Version : HELP- STUCK Rise of the Tomb Raider

19th Jan 2017, 22:42
I can't figure out where to go. I'm at the part in Kitezh where you blew up the second gate by using the 2 trebuchets. Then you have to run along the rooftops fighting enemies as you go. At the end of the rooftops there's a spot where you're supposed to slide along a rope onto the next platform. Instead of doing that, I decided to jump down & look around. This puts me down by the Citadel Plaza base camp. Now I can't figure out how to get back up to where the rope is. Please help! Hopefully these pictures will help you see where I'm at-




12th Feb 2017, 12:56
Well,in third picture that You show,you're in the right track,all You have to do is to aim with the bow in that traverse raped in rope just ahead a little lower

13th Feb 2017, 23:36
As abernathy2 said use your rope arrows and aim them at that section of robe in the archway to the next area you're looking at. Lara will take that rope and stick it in the post with the rope wrapped around it and you can slide across to that next area. Just remember to be next to the post like you are in the picture.