View Full Version : Lara Croft Funko Pop Figure and Rock Candy Figure On amazon for preorder

17th Jan 2017, 18:21
This is for the U.S. amazon I'm not sure about other countries. I was browsing amazon and happened upon theses:

Funko Rock Candy Figure $10.99:


Funko Pop Figure $10.99:


These are in U.S. dollars obviously. The Funko Pop figure is supposed to be released January 27th and the Rock Candy figure is supposed to be released March 17th.

17th Jan 2017, 23:46
I've never been one for the Funko Pop dolls, I only have 1, but I'm sure if I came across that Lara one in the store I'd pick it up. It's about time they did one, TBH. Here's hoping we get a decent assortment of Lara's in all her various outfits from over the years.

The Rock Candy one looks awesome. That's one I'd go out of my way to hunt down.

18th Jan 2017, 02:23
The Rock Candy one looks cool and I will probably try to get one. Pop figures just confuse me as a figure with a normal shape head would look way better. Love that they have chosen the classic outfit for both figures as that is a big plus in any Lara merchandise.

20th Jan 2017, 23:15
I definitely want the Rock Candy figure and maybe the funko pop one. I have a few pop figures from Lilo and Stich, one of Jack Sparrow, the ones from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland and the rest are from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have a couple of The Nightmare Before Christmas ones especially that are too top heavy and fall down, because their heads are too big and heavy and they have feet which are too small to support the head. I think the appeal is supposed to be their huge heads and small bodies but it's sort of a pain for some of them.

28th Mar 2017, 23:54
Update: So sorry to bump up an old thread I made but I got my Rock Candy figure I ordered from amazon and I thought I would share my opinion about it in case people are debating or haven't had time to get one. So, I think she's really neat as far as detail. In my opinion it seems to move toward Tomb Raider Anniversary than the original Tomb Raider. She's slightly bigger than a regular funko figure, from my perspective she's about a funko and a half. She comes with a stand too, it's a clear disc and has little notches in it and her feet have holes on the bottom and you basically just stick her feet in the notches but they seem to go only one way as far as putting her feet in the right notches. I'm not sure if that makes sense. I tried one way and her feet wouldn't go in right so I turned the stand around and they went in. Anyway, she's not super big but she can be a nice piece to put in a desk or with your other Lara Croft figures. She doesn't take up much room. I'm hoping they make more versions of Lara, maybe for Legend or Angel of Darkness.

As far as the regular funko figure I don't plan on buying it. I did have some various funko figures but mostly for The Nightmare Before Christmas. I decided I wanted the Rock Candy figure more.

9th May 2017, 22:15
I have one coming in the post, I'll put pics up & give a review too when she arrives ^_^

10th May 2017, 00:37
I have both, though they arrived separately. The website I got them from had them on a deal if bought together. They're smaller than I imagined, but cute nonetheless. :D

27th May 2017, 18:04
I have both, though they arrived separately. The website I got them from had them on a deal if bought together. They're smaller than I imagined, but cute nonetheless. :D

Yeah I agree, at least about the rock candy figure. I didn't get the funko figure as I'm pretty much done with those figures.