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18th Nov 2002, 10:45
So what are your suggestions for books, games, cartoons, TV shows, etc, that reeeally ought to be made into big time movies??

I'm going to go ahead and fall into my same old predictable groove and vote for The Legacy Of Kain series!! :p :D

19th Nov 2002, 00:25
The Command And Conquer Series would make good movies. I'd love to see 1 in each sub series (Tiberian sun, Red Alert2, Renegade)

Deus Ex would be another interesting movie in mind.

That's about all i can think of. Since the others are starwars but there's only one more movie comming out for em :(

19th Nov 2002, 08:24
Now just what the heck is Deus Ex about anyway? (I don't feel like going to the trouble of visiting that forum to find out.;)LOL)

Kind of a shame there's only going to be one more Star Wars film.:( But, then, I haven't even seen the most recent one yet. Nothing beats the original trilogy, though!

OOoohh! I know! How about an Oddworld film?! :rolleyes: ;) :D

Yes, that last bit was sarcasm... :p

19th Nov 2002, 21:19
What??? There's only one more Star Wars movie??? This can't be! *fakes a fainting spell*

ps. I'd want to see the Sword of Truth series made into movies. That would be sooo awesome and out of this world!

19th Nov 2002, 22:12
I think Deus Ex is about some evil corporation who has chemical weapons and plans to use it on inicent people.

It's always the same story :)

Some bad guy has a super weapon (nuke, chemical, bio or "high tech doomsday device") who plans to take over the world with it, you're sent to stop em.

I just think it would make a good movie cause people (i guess secret agents) can get "nano" upgrades (cell sized machines. Like "borg nanoprobes").

20th Nov 2002, 09:06
Originally posted by Polar_Andromeda

ps. I'd want to see the Sword of Truth series made into movies. That would be sooo awesome and out of this world!

And what's that one about? :)

Originally posted by mrdefender
It's always the same story :)

Some bad guy has a super weapon (nuke, chemical, bio or "high tech doomsday device") who plans to take over the world with it, you're sent to stop em.

Yep, they're all pretty much the same in games, movies, books, everything! The challenge is to make them seem different enough that they don't become copies of eachother. That's why I hope the upcoming collection of comic-based films have enough original ideas up their sleeves so that they don't seem to be copies of one another.

***fingers crossed***


20th Nov 2002, 21:06

Some of the smilarities are interesting though. Deus Ex's story is good.

I just played 007: Night Fire demo. It rocks :) Its another game with gadgets but its bond gagets!! The watch laser :) The pen taser, the lighter camera. Glasses with 3 modes.. xray, heat vision, night vision.

Bond at its best :)

21st Nov 2002, 07:41
I haven't played any Bond games yet, either. Jeez, I miss out on everything! :o

21st Nov 2002, 19:52

22nd Nov 2002, 06:49
But I did get my hands on the PS2 Spider-Man movie game tonight. I've heard nothing but good things about it, so I hope it's pretty good!

22nd Nov 2002, 18:37
It rocks.

The PC version is hell to get it to work. Audio Hardware acceleration must be set to basic, Color must be 32bit (desktop color). No background applications must be running (things next to the clock). The disk cleanup must be run (cause some of the things it cleans up, has to be cleaned up or the game crashes within 1 minute of game running..).

23rd Nov 2002, 07:59
Well, so far, I'm just getting used to the controls and trying out the "obstacle course" and stuff. But it is pretty freakin' cool. I haven't even gotten to the actual gameplay, and I'm addicted. :cool:

I like Bruce Campbell narrating. He's cool. I think he's supposed to be the Lizard in the next Spidey film (yet another reference from the first film that I very nearly missed:o).


23rd Nov 2002, 21:13
When I got the game to work, I couldnt get most of the "bonus" levels to work. The Obstacle course was just a dark screen, the timer would work aswell as the sound but I couldnt see anything.

I used to walk forward and a screen would pop up saying i died :/

23rd Nov 2002, 21:32
Jeez, that doesn't sound good...

That's part of the reason I'm glad I play these things on PS2. There always seem to be too many things that can go wrong when playing a game on PC. The only game I've played from start to finish on PC is the first Soul Reaver, and thankfully it never had any of those hangups. That's probably part of the reason that I haven't bothered putting any of my other PC games on my computer, even though I keep buying them (for some goofy reason). It just sounds like too much trouble to deal with the various glitchy bits.

24th Nov 2002, 01:55
Really? Spider-man movie is the only game I had problems with.

From all these posts about problems playing PE on PS2... I think Consoles are too vulnerable...

Though I'm considering getting a game cube :)

24th Nov 2002, 02:37
GameCube? Why? Though I'll have to admit, Eternal Darkness looks pretty cool, I really can't think of any other titles for that console that I would buy. Do they have any other notable ones I missed?

I'm pretty well attached to my PS2, anyway.:D

24th Nov 2002, 06:48
Well. I saw alot I found looked good.

Super Mario Sunshine
Star Fox Adventure
Star Wars Bounty Hunter (you play as Jango Fett)
Metroid Prime
Mario Party 4
Super Smash Brothers Meele

and, ofcourse, the GameShark for it.

I don't mind playing without codes.. I just hate getting stuck at one spot, try for 30 minutes and eventually get passed it.

Besides, some GameShark codes are funny. I saw some MPG about Mario Sunshine and GS Codes like Gravity. Mario jumped super high. it was funny.

24th Nov 2002, 10:10
LOL I got a Gameshark 2 for PS2 that I use after I've beaten a game to go back and get extra stuff. It's fun going through Devil May Cry and getting all the special attacks and stuff that I couldn't get before right from the start. Or playing Soul Reaver 2 and using the "fly" code to get to distant ledges and gaze at perplexing murals on the walls. :D

I might end up getting a GameCube sometime in the future. Who knows? I might just want to get one of each console and have a whole massive collection of games to fry my brain with! :D

24th Nov 2002, 21:07
Did u c the new comercial for the xbox?

Some kids with green spray paint jump from roof to roof playing tic-tac-toe and end up getting 3 x's like this \

then it zooms out to birds eye view and u see 9 buildings (3x3) and the "board" :)

24th Nov 2002, 22:18
Unfortunately, ever since I got my current job, I seem to miss most of what is on television (commercials, tv shows, whatever). And the only show I half-heartedly make an effort to tape is Smallville. :o

Sounds cool, though. :cool:

25th Nov 2002, 20:21
Im sorry to hear that :(

my tv shows are well timed. I got from 3pm to 8pm sometimes 9pm.

But u gotta know that most of my shows last an hour (1 hour episode) like startrek and touched by an angel.

26th Nov 2002, 07:42
Well, most of the shows I like end up being taken off of tv in pretty short order, or put on stations I can't get. I've bought quite a few of them on tape, though, so I'm not entirely at a loss for entertainment. :)

26th Nov 2002, 19:40
thank god. :o~

This is basicly my tv show lineup.

3pm: Touched by an angel or Startrek TNG (depending on which episode TNG is)
4pm: Star Trek DS9 (or VOY depending on episode)
5pm: Star Trek VOY
6pm: The Simpsons (or nothing at all)
630pm: Everybody loves raymond (or nothing)
7pm: Fraiser (or nothing)
730pm: channel surfing and leave it on if something looks good.
8pm: Depends. Buffy or Star Trek Enterprise (wensdays)

most of these I just leave the tv on, play games or surf net, and I glimpse at them from time to time. Except for Touched by an Angel and Enterprise (if its not a repeat).

27th Nov 2002, 07:23
AARGH! I need to get cable! I'm missing all my Treks!! Wish I had as much stuff on tv that I like to watch as you. They even took my Red Dwarf off--the dweebs! :mad:


28th Nov 2002, 03:51
Red Dwarf? Thats a star.

Oh! I also found out the awnser of our startrek problem (what metal ships are made of). you were right, it was tritanium.

The "Year Of Hell" Voyager episode/2parts had the awnser. Janeway talks to tuvok about how "voyager" nurtured them and stuff. Ofcourse Tuvok is confused about humans making emotional attachements to inanemite objects, then he describes voyager as a collection of bulkheads and eventually mentions tritanium.

I got confused on that one. I kept thinking of titanium (wich is a metal we have now..)

28th Nov 2002, 06:42
Originally posted by mrdefender
Red Dwarf? Thats a star.

It's also a tv show. It was on PBS for a couple of seasons, then they took it off. It's a cute show, though. Kinda glad I've got the first three seasons on tape.:)


And it was tritanium after all? Heh, and I was pretty sure that I was wrong... :o :)

28th Nov 2002, 19:28
Well. for TNG, DS9 and VOY it was (and all 4 TNG movies) Im not sure about TOS and TOS movies and Enterprise series. TOS happens 100 years before TNG and Enterprise happens in 50-75 years from now..

I'm pretty sure we dont have Tritanium now..

28th Nov 2002, 23:00
I think the chick in First Contact said she had to find enough tritanium to make the cockpit of Zefram Cochran's ship with.

I think that's what she said... http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/fragend/fragend003.gif

29th Nov 2002, 07:32
Im pretty sure too. But you know how it goes with making sequels and then jumping to a prequel. The stories get mixed up.

Like in TNG when they really meet the Ferengi for the first time, and in Enterprise, they meet the ferengi.. Stuff like that.

It makes one scratch his head in confusion :confused: :)

29th Nov 2002, 09:43
Or the fact that the Trill didn't have spots in the Next Generation. :D

30th Nov 2002, 20:22
yah, that was wierd. But the rest of the stuff about the trill was ok.

30th Nov 2002, 23:39
OK, now I'm trying to remember the name of whatever race it was that had those spots before they got put on the Trill. They were in the episode about the metamorph chick that gets all romancy with Picard.:D

AARGH! I can't remember!! http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/sprachlos/sprachlos004.gif

1st Dec 2002, 17:13

The only "metamorph" I can think of is the 24th century conn artist :) (or is it con? )

She pretended to be a culture's devil and wanted absolute power from the planet (as in, taking over their world)

Picard found her secret (her cloaked ship with lots of holograms and transporter effects) and turned the tables (conn artist couldnt do her "magic" but picard could :) )

EDIT: My dad told me that the next Star Trek movie (after Nemesis) will feature all of the series (TNG, DS9 and VOY).

TOS had enough movies :) ENT isnt in its 3rd season yet ;)

I find that hard to believe (since they didnt do something like this yet) but it would be awesome. The Enterprise-F (nemesis trailers make it look like the Enterprise-E gets destroyed), the Defiant and Voyager :eek:


1st Dec 2002, 21:53
The episode I'm thinking of was called "The Perfect Mate". It had Famke Janssen (from the X-Men) movie in it. Anyway, those aliens had the spots that later got stuck on the Trill.

Oh, here ya go:

2nd Dec 2002, 03:48

i assumed a metamorph was another word for shapeshifter :D

silly me :)

I remember that episode now. It wasnt one of my favorites :/

2nd Dec 2002, 06:18
Nah, I didn't care for it either. But that's where the spots came from.:D

I was just watching I, Borg today (the episode with Hugh). It's one of my faves.:)

3rd Dec 2002, 01:08
I enjoyed the episodes with Q, romulans or borg.

I didnt like the episode where Data and Lore are together and have a band of "individual" borgs with them.

I never cared much for lore. Though I wish Data would learn how to use contractions. He does not know how to use contractions and that is bizzare. It is one of those things that we are expected to know.

(it just makes more sense..)

3rd Dec 2002, 07:22
I liked the Q episodes (especially the one where he became human:D) and the Borg. I never was a great big fan of the Klingon episodes, and I didn't care much for the Data/Lore ones either. I always liked the occasional eerie/bizarre episodes they'd have, like the one where Data has a "dream" (or something to that effect) where he is on the holodeck and all of these weird scenarios are playing out (like Counselor Troi is a "cellular peptide cake"--with mint frosting! And the doctor looks like she's drinking Riker's brain through a straw). It was wacko.:D Or the episode where the Enterprise is caught in a time loop and keeps exploding.

Too cool! :cool:

4th Dec 2002, 01:40
Oooh! I liked that episode, the one in the time loop. Kesly Gramer wsa in that episode (guy who plays Fraiser). He's the captain of the ship that collides with the Enterprise-D.

4th Dec 2002, 07:35
LOL I had almost forgotten he was in that episode.:D But, yeah, that is one of the better ones in my opinion.

I also liked the one where everybody started disappearing from the ship until only the Doctor was left. It was just weird... :)

4th Dec 2002, 18:02
You thought that was wierd? I understood it. but it was strange.

She gets sucked into a warp bubble and, due to her thoughts of loosing people she knows, everyone starts to disapear.

Its like in a coma, your mind creates an enviroment where symbolisms apear everywhere. (in ur mind, that is..).

Well. They say we do "Dream" in comas, the brain activity meter suggests it.

5th Dec 2002, 07:34
Well I understood it, too. I just like it coz it was one of those weird little episodes that didn't deal with Romulans or Klingons or whomever--unless you wanna count the Traveler.;) It just had kind of an eerie feel to it when the crew was disappearing and only the Doctor knew, and then she was the only one on the ship... :)

5th Dec 2002, 23:00
TNG had alot of wierd episodes.

I found VOY had alot of time travel episodes. i liked em but it got me confused alot.


Voy was pushed into the 20th century cause they were involved in the destruction of sol (our solar system) in the 29th century by a 29th century starfleet ship..

Voyager was able to stop the incident so the 29th century was saved..

But if they stoped the incident, wouldnt that mean that they didnt get pushed back into the past cause the 29th century guy didnt have a reason to encounter voyager? :confused: :confused:

6th Dec 2002, 08:19
It truly boggles the mind. Then again, time travel stuff is always a mess when you think about it like that. http://www.smilies.nl/yellows/rotaeye.gif

;) :D

6th Dec 2002, 19:30
Amen bro!

eh.. sis! :)

7th Dec 2002, 08:17
Makes me think of something mentioned in the movie The Final Countdown (no big deal if you haven't seen the movie--neither have I, really:D). It was something to the effect of:

If a person goes back in time and kills their grandfather, their father would never have existed, thus that person would never have existed and therefore would not be able to go back in time and kill their grandfather.

Now there's a brain bending scenario!:eek:

Edit: Hey! Who you callin' "bro," pal? http://www.smilies.nl/yellows/dozey.gif :p


7th Dec 2002, 18:07
I can understand a bit how time travel works, i have my own theory actually. Its all the stuff u said. It boggles the mind :)

My theory is that the past, present and future are always happening. So time travel would be like traveling to a different destination.

Its sorta like our choices have many reactions and all of those reactions do happen.

Like the episode where Worf goes to a Bat'Leth tournament and he gets thrown into dimensions and stuff.

7th Dec 2002, 23:35
***trying to think***

Now why don't I remember that episode....? :confused: :o

Time travel ought to be subject to certain laws of nature. Like it ought to be impossible (for whatever scientific reason) for someone to go back in the past and kill someone else (particularly someone related to them)--otherwise you'll end up with some seriously wacky paradoxes. :eek: ;) :p :D

8th Dec 2002, 01:22
Hence Minority Report :)

Well.. That focuses on the futur but still :)

Incase u never heard of it, its a movie that came out this year.

Bah! finally found his name, had to ask my dad. it was at the top of my tongue...

It has Tom Cruise in it where he's some sort of "time cop". They got some PreCog (precognative people.. who can see the future) and they see crimes before they happen and the "time cops" can arrest them.

That's the problem with new technology. There's always someone, somewhere ready to abuse it.

8th Dec 2002, 01:59
All too true, hence one of the many reasons I don't trust technology--particularly the newer stuff. If the technology itself isn't already unreliable/untrustworthy, someone will ultimately come along to make it so.

Haven't seen Minority Report yet. I might just have to. I'm not a Tom Cruise fan at all, though...:o :)

8th Dec 2002, 03:36
neither am i but it looked like one of a "too see but not buy" kinda movie.

I got lots of catagories.

"To go see in theathers, cineplex"
"To go see in theathers, silvercity"
"To rent when it comes out on DVD"
"To buy when it comes out on DVD"
"Waste of monney"

The reason why I have 2 theathers in my "system" its cause cineplex is cheap in price. 4.25$ for admission and silvercity is like 10 for admision.

We (dad & I) went to see Harry Potter 2 and there's a BurgerKing in Silvercity now. The "Combo" was the same price as outside of the theather....

Only to find out the combo doesnt include the drink! So you pay 5 bucks + tax for the burger and fries and another 5 bucks for the drink!!!! (medium/regular size). It cost 20 to get in and 25 for lunch!!!!!

So u gotta know that if its a "To go see in theathers, silvercity" kinda movie, its a movie I really really really really (times 100000) movie.

Like Star Trek Nemesis :)

The good thing about SilverCity is that its open starting from noon on weekdays and Cineplex is open from 6 on weekdays (pm)

8th Dec 2002, 05:09
I just hope Nemesis is good--especially if it's to be the last ST movie with the Next Gen cast. Fingers crossed.

I don't usually see films when they're in the theater, and, if and when I do, I'll end up seeing them when they've hit the cheap-o $2.75 theater. It's not coz I'm cheap so much as the fact that, by the time most movies hit the cheaper theaters, I've lost interest anyway. I figure, if they still have my interest by then, I might just as well go see them. A lot of movies sound like good ideas when they first come out, then gradually lose that appeal.

For some reason (I hate to say), Nemesis doesn't sound very interesting to me at all. Then again, maybe it'll surprise me.:)

8th Dec 2002, 21:06
really? Nemesis looks amazing.

Aparently (what my dad says), the next ST movie will feature all series (except TOS and ENT.. TOS has enough movies and ENT isnt even in its 3rd season).

That has to be a killer if its true! Im not fond of DS9. Season 1 and 2 is usual star trek stuff (exploring) and then it gets into the "dominion war" stuff.

What ya gotta know is this; a movie is 2 episodes of star trek. :eek:

I watch the B2B episodes of TNG on TNN (4 B2B episodes) and it doesnt seem long enough :D

9th Dec 2002, 00:41
Well, Spider-Man didn't sound very interesting to me, either--and just look how madly in love I am with that movie!:o :D

Like I said, Nemesis may surprise me. Spidey did!

I'd like to see a movie that combined cast from the various shows. I wonder what the plot would be centered around, though...

I wasn't much of a DS9 fan either. I liked it just a liiittle bit more when they got into the whole Dominion thing, coz it had always seemed like a stationary (well the space station really can't go anywhere :D) version of all the other Treks before that.

9th Dec 2002, 05:58
I liked DS9 cause of the space combat :) The Defiant was a cool ship too.

Thats about it for that series..

Oh. u didnt c the first episode of DS9 did ya? "To'rak'nor" was in orbit around bajor, but they moved it to the "mouth" of the wormhole.

They used thrusters and some kind of warp buble thingy to make the station 300 times less its mass so it would go faster.

9th Dec 2002, 06:35
I'm pretty sure I saw it, I just don't remember it...:o

I think they probably only aired that episode once here when the show first started, which was like nine years ago! Somewhat understandably, I don't recall many of the details about it.

I still love Garek, though. He was my favorite character.:D

9th Dec 2002, 17:02
I liked Odo :) Garek was just "a simple tailor" ;)

On our local (well. im in ottawa, this channel is based in toronto)sci-fi channel (it's called "Space"), they show the series like it first appeared and they start it again...

So you got the DS9 series finale then the next day is the DS9 series premiere (series opener).

Edit: I'm watching DS9 right now...

Have you got a clue what the "Cardasian Neck Trick" that Odo used to do? Its the episode where Quark is shot and the shooter stole a list of Bajoran Cardasian Collaborators. They do like flashbacks of Odo investigating a old case (related to this) and Dukat and Quark keep talking about a "Cardasian Neck Trick"

The best I can think of is Odo. em. "shapeshift" or "morph" his neck to make it look like a cardasian neck. So it would be a Cardasian Neck "trick" (or ability).

10th Dec 2002, 10:51
I like Odo, too. But Garek had that shady side no one was ever quite sure about. I think that's what I like about him. :)

Edit: (Off topic) I just heard that Glenn Quinn died. That massively sucks... :(

10th Dec 2002, 20:12
Glenn Quin??

I dont get a picture of him on the IMDB site. And im afraid his carreer list thing isnt helping either... I started to watch angel this year. (and he appeared in 1999... )

11th Dec 2002, 08:35
Try: http://ljconstantine.com/doyle/frames.htm

Actually, Angel was the show that interested me in him. Unfortunately, the character he played (Doyle) was killed off in the ninth episode, and I never did care much for the show after that--though I did keep watching for awhile in hopes that they would bring him back somehow. He was a fresh character when all the other characters at the time had all had their stories told. Thankfully, I do have those first episodes on tape. Sadly, the end of the last episode he's in sort of makes you think about what happened to him in real life...:(

He wasn't my all-time favorite actor, but I liked him well enough to be more than a little bothered now that he's gone...

:( :( :(

11th Dec 2002, 22:00
still doesnt help me. The only thing I saw on IMDB site was that he played in Angel.

The others I have no idea what they are. So since he apeared about a year before I started watching it. ... :(

12th Dec 2002, 06:22
Well, I've seen movies like Doctor Giggles, and I've watched Roseanne. I didn't really care for either. Some of that other stuff he was in were admittedly bad "made for tv" movies. He doesn't exactly have an overly distinguished body of work, but I still liked him as an actor, and I really would have liked to see him in some better films.


12th Dec 2002, 21:18
ill take ur word for it.

13th Dec 2002, 08:26
Well, back to smiles!:D

And now that I think of it, Vagrant Story might make a nifty film, too. True, most of it involves just one guy running around in a seemingly abandoned city, but I'm sure they could put enough action in between the dialogue scenes to keep things interesting (I suddenly have far too much faith in the mess that is Hollywood:o). The plot of it just has enough bizarre twists and turns to keep things interesting.

Or I might just have no idea what I'm saying. I haven't even finished the game. It does have some pretty cool cutscenes and stuff, though--and I'm a Medieval stuff addict!:D

13th Dec 2002, 17:27
im not to fussy on movies. I just dont go see scary movies at theathers.

Its not fun when ur not scared and the rest of the audience screams..

But i hate scary movies. They've become to predictable. Spooky music = spooky scene or someone pops up without warning.

14th Dec 2002, 07:24
Nah, scarey movies don't really impress me too much either, pretty much for the same reasons you mentioned. I did like The Sixth Sense (which, for some reason, is considered horror) but it really wasn't scarey.

Chrono Cross might make an interesting animated film...:)

14th Dec 2002, 17:01
I think its a scary movie cause of the "ghosts" or dead people.

The sick girl wasnt exactly a pleasant sight :)

I saw a really good movie preview during the opening of Nemesis.

It's called "The Core"

The Americans build a weapon that would cause earthquakes on selected targets (thus looks like a natural disaster) Only to have a nasty side effect. The earth's core is dead. There's massive ion storms on the planet (they call it electrical storms but same thing). The team is sent to reliquify the core with lots of nukes.

Leave it to you guys to figgure another way to blow us all up :D

I took a lucky guess on the site; http://www.thecoremovie.com/
And, fyi, the dare devil movie is; http://www.daredevilmovie.com/