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18th Nov 2002, 10:44
What places which the commandos have performed missions have you been in?

I have been in 1st and 7th in BEL. probably many of the places in germany too, but I don't remember where. and maybe the place in Holland too...

18th Nov 2002, 12:22
None for me. I've haven't had the chance to visit any part of Europe, Aferica or Asia. :(

18th Nov 2002, 14:40
I haven't been in any of the places the Commandos performed missions in, not even in Nijmegen (BTCOD 8) even though I live in the Netherlands.

18th Nov 2002, 14:44
Thorup: refresh my memory. What are those places called again? All I can remember is the Dam at Storfjord (level 3) and the HQ at Stokkan (level 4).

Just out of curiosity, did the places look like they do in the game or have they been changed a lot?

18th Nov 2002, 19:23
The first mission is at Sola near one of the biggest city in Norway which is called Stavanger. there I have lots of family.

The second is at the lofoten islands, never been there, nor do I intent to go there.

don't rememeber the rest untill level 7 which is in Arendal.

lol, of course they didn't look like in the game. and those are big areas, I couldn't possibly know where the exact location in the game is meant to be.
not even the terrain is how it should be. there ain't much snow in arendal, it is south in norway. and it is quite a while since I've been there.

But I might have been able to find the place in Arendal with the subs, but then I will have to drive for like two or three hours. (or 6 hourse if I were to use the moped)

18th Nov 2002, 20:00
Originally posted by 4Eyes
I haven't been in any of the places the Commandos performed missions in, not even in Nijmegen (BTCOD 8) even though I live in the Netherlands.

Ha! :D
I've been in Nijmegen and ..
I've been in Paris (only very briefly :( ) ...
and I've been in Berlin, Germany but I guess that doesn't count.

18th Nov 2002, 21:18
I've been in Nijmegen it's about 50 km from here. I also been in Arnhem loads of times, which is about 30 km from here, not in the Commandos games but everybody should know it as 1 of the places where Operation Market Garden toook place.

19th Nov 2002, 00:17
Paris only for me, and i've been up the Eifel Tower, so it was pretty cool to see it on screen, Ive also been inside a submarine and on an aircraft carrier, but obivously these were quite different

19th Nov 2002, 09:37
hmm, well do you mean specific places?

From C2:

- La Rochelle u-boat pens - (they're a heck of a lot bigger in RL)
- Savo Island - (completely different in RL - it it ten times the size)
- hanoi/Haiphong - completely different, though I think the mission was originally meant to be set in japan, that would explain why all the signs are in japanese as well as the architecture ;)

- Colditz castle - it is on the side of a cliff overlooking the town not in the middle of it!
- Paris - pretty obvious...

From BCD - i've been to Bonn and thats it I think, but i'm not sure where the eagles nest mission is specifically so mabey...

BEL - nowhere in norway, i've been to egypt, though not that far west, it's very dangerous to drive (land mines from WWII) and lybia isn't the best place for westerners.

- Tunisia I stayed threee nights in tunis, nowhere near as densely clustered housing.

- in the french section, Point Du Hoc & Brest.

- I can't remember the locations of the german towns, but they all were small villiages in BEL weren't they? So probably none.