View Full Version : Removal password not working

15th Jan 2017, 11:50
Ok so I did like we're suppose to and wrote the emergency removal password down for the one time in case of whatever. So my phone with my current software token on it breaks and I can't access the app. NP! I think as I head to the removal page. Turns out that no matter what I do apparently the password I have doesn't match the one they have and I've asked several people to help me with this. I'm dyslexic and I'm really starting to feel punished for having a brain that working differently than the average persons. This is beyond annoying and the really annoying part is that 24/7 email support is totally BS. Yeah read the fine print you won't get anything back till the next business day. Not cool Square not cool at all.

So rant over if anyone knows of a way to help please let me know.
I have the 20 character password and I swear I've input every combo of upper and lower case letters I can to get back into my account. This is beyond irritating to deal with.


15th Jan 2017, 15:01
There's nobody monitoring this forum it appears. I've submitted a couple threads re FF 15 and I got 0 replies, except from other players, no mods. Best bet is to call SE vice email or on this mess of a forum.