View Full Version : Can't open any of my Marketplace gifts from Season Pass - Xbox One

10th Jan 2017, 18:19
Got the game for Christmas on Xbox One and had the season pass installed before I put the disc in the drive. When I turned it on I had 13 marketplace gifts but only three which had 5000 credits in each successfully opened. Every other pack says 'This gift has already been redeemed' when I press A, when I had never opened them before. If I back out of the marketplace and go back into it the packs all reappear but still don't open. Problem has persisted for over two weeks now and cannot open them.

Any idea on what I can do to fix this?

18th Jan 2017, 01:50
Still won't open, I noticed this was a problem at the beginning of 2016 too and was fixed for people so any help would be appreciated

26th Jan 2017, 00:58
i have the same problem does anyone have a fix for this??