View Full Version : Next Final Fantasy XV Patch

9th Jan 2017, 20:48
Out of curiosity when is the next patch being released. I read over on GameFAQs that the next patch is likely going to contain a fix for Cid. I sold my starting weapons before I knew they were "special" and now have upgradable weapons and the stuff to upgrade them, but Cid won't talk to me...he just complains. Any chance the patch will also restore the Engine Blade and Drain Lance back to my inventory (Or repurchaseable from Cid) since I understand they should have been non-sellable to begin with? Now at level 35+ I don't necessarily want to restart the entire game just to get them back.


10th Jan 2017, 15:39
You'll probably never get a response on here, it appears to be a ghost town. Question for you though, you said our starting weapons were special. I haven't sold any yet and am only on chapter 3, but which weapon is considered special besides the ones we find in the tombs???

3rd Apr 2017, 07:33
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30th Aug 2017, 11:33
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