View Full Version : Black screen ch 15

9th Jan 2017, 14:28
Anyone else experiencing this bug: When I try to use Umbra to go to Past Lucis, the screen goes black. It never loads at all. I can still move Noctis even while the screen is black, and if I'm able to find the innkeeper and talk to him, the picture comes back. But it will not let me go to past lucis at all, from altissia or from the present.

Have already tried reinstalling too, and nothing.

Any tips? Seems like square doesn't care about this issue.

11th Jan 2017, 11:50
Bump.. this needs to be fixed.

18th Jan 2017, 04:10
Bump... 8 days with no reply. Still waiting on a response.

22nd Jan 2017, 04:27
You'd be better off going to another forum to ask this question. nobody has been here in ages to help fans. no mods/staff. I'd go somewhere like Reddit,FF Wikia,Tumblr or other places. hope you get your answer.