View Full Version : not to be rude or anything...

mitochondria eve
18th Nov 2002, 01:03
...but I was wondering when mas4 was going to start again. I really liked it. I don't want it bac kup for me to post a chapter, I enjoy reading it. I was wondering who was writing the chapter this time, hold on, was this the one where you wait for the person to finish? Well, i just hope the next chapter comes up soon, cause i'm getting bored of not nowing what was going to happen next. :D (i'm just an innocent pre-teen)

18th Nov 2002, 04:41
Someone, which is not me, is not really inspired to write the next chapter...

18th Nov 2002, 07:26
Sorry, that would be me. I had a serious lack of inspiration awhile back, but have some really good ideas now. Now all I need is a bit of free time and I can finish the chapter. I think I should be able to finish it by next weekend.

Please bear with me just a little longer and I sincerely apologize for the LONG delay.


18th Nov 2002, 07:28
And on a same note, how's MAS#2 coming along, Vak? Did you think up a solution to the timestop spell yet?

18th Nov 2002, 14:10
Soo... that means it's going to be continued at all? Nice =P

18th Nov 2002, 17:28
I for one am very glad to hear that, 4eyes! Like ME, I have been waiting, too!

Now MAS3 is keeping up its pace...as we wait for Nightstalker to get moving here! :)

Chilled Unit
18th Nov 2002, 18:05
Excellent, it will be nice to have the MAS stories at full speed ahead again :)

20th Nov 2002, 08:33
MAS#2 was kinda put on back burner while I was swamped by the Great Grandson of the Great Transport Homework, Part Eleven.

I'll finish it one of these days, I suppose... :(