View Full Version : BO2 lower city 40% help!

17th Nov 2002, 20:52
I've thrown the box from the roof to the stairs and cant figure out how to use it. Been using the valves to cut off the water and open the big door but neither lasts long enough for me to do squat. I realize I may be mildly retarded but I could really use some help none the less. Thanks in advance!

17th Nov 2002, 21:09
You have to go up the ladder and find the box, then push it off the edge so that it lands in front of the door you have to raise. Then go back down, raise the door, and push the box under it. Then drain the water and RUN!

For all I know, I could be thinking of entirely the wrong place. I'm kinda sorta guessing here, coz I haven't played BO2 for a few weeks now... :o :D

Happy Hunting and...


17th Nov 2002, 21:13
awesome! thanks alot rook....

17th Nov 2002, 21:20
Glad to be of help, Paladinsx! :D

Nimrod XIV
30th Jan 2003, 09:02
I know that once you're up the ladder, you have to get up on that little building and push the block down, move it by the door, and so on...
My problem is: I CAN'T JUMP THAT HIGH!!!:( I can't get on top of that roof, and I don't know why.
:confused: Am I too low on lore? Is there a certain place you need to make the jump from?

30th Jan 2003, 09:53
I'm having even more trouble remembering that part than I did the last time I posted in this thread...:o ;)

OK, so you're up the ladder and you're trying to get on top of the platform to the left... I honestly can't imagine why there would be any trouble at all. I don't think it matters where you make the jump from, and lore level doesn't have anything to do with it. By all logic, you shouldn't have any trouble getting there, unless you've come up against some kind of wacky glitch.

I haven't a clue at the moment... :o

Edit: Stupid me, for wiping out all of my savegames...

31st Jan 2003, 04:11
dont use ur jump dark gift. just walk up to the wall hit the jump key and kain should grab the edge or something and pull himself up. if i remeber correctly.


Nimrod XIV
31st Jan 2003, 04:14
I doubted that it was the lore, but that was one of the only things I could think of. I bet you're right, and it's some kind of glitch.
*sigh* Well, thankfully, I'm not too far into the game, maybe I can start over and have it work correctly.

Reaper: I tried that. Kain won't grab the ledge. That's the entire problem.