View Full Version : Webmaster or Creator?

17th Nov 2002, 20:39
I'm thinking of making some changes to the trle search engine. Until now it was that webmasters could registrated all stuff on their site, but I'm thinking of letting the item creators do that.

Most poeple have their own site so that won't change, but there are people who have their work on the site of others and that makes it harder for me to create pages about object creators (lists with site and lists of all items by a user).

So please vote in the poll what you think. Remember that if this changes it won't effect the current database cause items can just change owner. All the items and reviews will remain on the site.

20th Nov 2002, 20:59
Results are clear so can some mod pleeeeeeeeeease close the poll?


20th Nov 2002, 21:12
Just delete the thread